Abortionist Brian Finkel Found Guilty Of 22 Counts of Sexual Abuse

There’s a saying, “To know me, walk in my moccasins for a day.” In short, do what we do for a while and you may understand why we do it. So I invite callers to come sit at our desks at the League for a day and you’ll know why we fight abortion.

Why We Fight Abortion

The phone rings and some unhappy woman is looking for an abortion and thinks the League is an abortion referral. So we talk. I don’t tell her we are not an abortion referral, but I find out why she wants an abortion. When I finally remind her that the cost of an abortion is one human life she says something like, “That’s your opinion. I’m getting an abortion .”

Or the caller whose friend is suicidal after an abortion, or the woman who had an abortion to please her boyfriend, who has now walked out on her. Parents who forced their daughter to have an abortion and she will no longer talk to them. The young girl who had an abortion and can’t make any important decisions anymore. Grandparents who can’t talk a defiant daughter out of having an abortion. The man who says he will never be a good father because he let them kill his child without even putting up a fight.

Sit here for a day and you will know that we pro-lifers don’t just fight to save babies. We fight to save women, and their families. It’s an all consuming evil, abortion is. Walk in our moccasins for a day and you’ll know why we’re committed to fighting abortion for the rest of our lives.

Abortionist Finkel Guilty of Sexual Assault

Latest news on abortionist Brian Finkel of Phoenix, AZ. Brian was sentenced to 34 years in prison last Friday, having been found guilty of 22 counts of sexual abuse against his patients. He is also required to register as a convicted sex offender, and will be on lifetime probation if he lives out his 34 years in jail. Finkel, 54, will be 88 when released.

John Jakubczyk, a Phoenix attorney, said Finkel finally got justice, though he showed no remorse. “But,” says John, “this reflects the industry for which he worked, which is all about exploiting women and destroying life.”

Your editor had several debates with Abortionist Finkel and considered him among the most obnoxious abortionists I ever met, and that’s going some. Finkel would bring a bodyguard to protect him during our debates, and he bragged that he usually carried a gun.

Finkel’s lawyer says he’ll appeal the sentence. Fat chance. But pray for Brian Finkel, that during his 34 years in jail he will come to repentance.

Pediatricians Group Opposes OTC Pill

Guess who else, besides pro-life fanatics and right wing religious, are against the over-the-counter “morning after pills.” The American College of Pediatricians. They say:

We know the physical and emotional harm documented in children who undergo abortion procedures of any type. We are especially concerned about their ability to judge the need for and deal with the consequences of repeated use of these hormones to terminate an unplanned but developing infant. Do we again sacrifice their future for an uncertain present and allow them to do so unsupported by medical professionals or even their parents?

These are the same children not permitted to buy tobacco or alcohol products because of potential physical harm, or consent to simple medical procedures, or vote, because of our justified concern for their immature reasoning. Let us always ask, “What about the children? What is best for them?”

Coming Wednesday: More on the Value of Graphic Pictures

More and more, the secular press is showing us the results of tragedies by allowing the depiction of children killed in these disasters. A recent article justifies the showing of such pictures and is convincing, and can be used to justify pro-lifers showing graphic images of aborted babies to the public, and we will in fact use this article when our Truth tours begin again.

On Wednesday we will present this secular journal’s argument on the Action News Hotline.

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