Scheidler Helps Stateline Celebrate 25 Years

The Stateline Pregnancy Center in Beloit, Wisconsin celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2004. Based in a charming white house with an inviting front porch, Stateline offers hope and help to pregnant moms.

On December 4 Stateline hosted a Christmas Tea for its supporters. Joe Scheidler was invited to address the guests in the parlor, and spoke about the value of doing something about abortion. “What you do here,” said Scheidler, “helps to slow down the abortion movement.”

Stateline Director Rene Scrivano showed guests a video of an ultrasound that the center plans to use for promotional purposes. Stateline provides ultrasound for its clients right on the premises. Their staff includes a physician medical director, a nurse and a director of their Bridges program, a project designed to encourage responsible parenting.

Program Helps New Moms

Bridges is open to pregnant mothers and moms whose babies are under one year old. The young women meet regularly and accomplish certain set goals designed to help them make good lifestyle choices. They earn points for each goal accomplished. These points can then be used to purchase items in Stateline’s resource room—clothing, baby equipment, blankets, toys, etc.

Many of the guests at the Christmas Tea are regular pray-ers and counselors at the abortion mill in Rockford, IL and had joined Joe Scheidler at that mill in a Helpers of God’s Precious Infants vigil.

Scheidler recounted some of the examples of miracles that are nearly an everyday occurrence in the pro-life movement. He told the guests that it “made my day” to join them in celebrating the gift of life.

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