Two Young Mothers Spontaneously Join Tour

The summer 2004 Face the Truth Tour was marked by several heartwarming happenings. Two young women helped to confirm our commitment to taking the graphic pictures to the streets.

In a northwest suburb of Chicago a young mother took her children to a Wendy’s for lunch. Two of our Face the Truth participants, wearing the signature red T-shirts, had stopped at Wendy’s to get a cold drink. The young woman was startled and moved almost to tears. She took her bags of hamburgers and fries and came directly over to the area where we were setting up the demonstration.

Young Mother Chose Life

She introduced her self as Paula and said that the abortion issue was close to her heart and asked what she could do to help. I invited her to join us. So she sat the kids down on the curb to eat their Wendy’s fare and then they all picked up signs and joined the Tour.

Paula had a teenage daughter and two younger children. She joined us for lunch at Christine Taylor’s home in Hoffman Estates and shared her story with her fellow pro-lifers. Paul told us that when she was fifteen she got pregnant. She knew other girls who had chosen abortion, but she knew in her heart that it was wrong. She chose to have her baby — the teenage girl who joined Face the Truth. She is now married and has had two more children. She thanked us for our witness and for giving her the opportunity to defend life.

Pro-Choice Mom Turns Pro-Life

Sheila saw the Face the Truth demonstration while she was out doing errands with her seven-month old baby in a stroller. She hadn’t really thought much about abortion but considered herself pro-choice. But Sheila had an open mind and an eagerness to learn so she decided to join the Tour and see what it was like to participate in a pro-life demonstration.

Sheila read the literature we were handing out and was convinced. She came back the next day to join us in Evanston — and brought her sister with her. Sheila is hooked on life now. She came for the August Face the Truth Day in downtown Chicago and is part of the team.

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