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Action News welcomes your letters to the editor. We print as many as we can fit into each print edition of Action News. E-mail your letter or send to the address at the bottom of this page.

Dear Joe,

Your work is magnificent and your reward shall be very great indeed. It is most unfortunate that satanic Planned Parenthood is persecuting you. But that only proves the good work you do for the Lord.

May the good Lord keep you in the palm of His hand, as the Irish say and the Germans should, and know that you are always in my prayers.

In Domino,

Fr. Paul B. Marx, OSB, Collegeville, MN
Dear Joe,

When I read about your problem with water in the basement from a broken water main I had to send you something. We have exactly the same problem in our house in Philadelphia. Since April 13 until now we have been pumping 600 gallons of city drinking water from a broken main. We’ll add you to our “water Prayers.”

John J. Leahy, Philadelphia, PA
Dear Joe,

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for me, my children and my parents to give witness to the humanity of the unborn this summer. It was a sheer joy seeing several hearts get opened right before us. It also drives us to prayer when we experience the rant-ings of those with hardened hearts. Ken was with us in spirit as he worked very hard making money so we can help keep you in business.

See you soon,

Jean and the rest of the Croccos, Harvard, IL
Dear Joseph M. Scheidler,

You do not know me. I am Nancy Lacore’s daughter. I read your letter to my mom. That is horrible what those pro-abortion people did to that lady. They are very sick in the mind. They need big time help. I am writing today to say that you are a very good man.

That is so cool that you marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. I talk about him in history at school. How did you feel then? Now after you look back do you feel very special that you got to walk with a famous person?

I did not mention this before. I am ten years old. My birthday is July 6. I used to go protest with my mom on the sidewalks. Some of my family thought it was stupid. I thought it was pretty cool. I want to come out there and protest with you but I know for sure that is not gong to happen at this time in life. I am too young. I know for sure it would be very fun though.

I just wanted to introduce myself to you. I think I will give you all of the money I have in my purse right now. Talk to you later.

Love, Your great fan,

Johni M. Lacore, Topeka, KS
Dear Joe,

Thank you, your family and staff for your sacred work in protecting mothers and their unborn babies from the evil of abortion.

I would like to remind your readers that home-based pro-life volunteer work is a wonderful way to stay involved Calling friends and families to remind them to write letters to our congressmen and senators when pro-life bills are being considered is a way to cast pro-life votes. Buying baby clothes that are gently used at nice thrift stores and donating them to pro-life crisis pregnancy centers is always needed and appreciated. Some crisis pregnancy centers have helplines that are answered in one’s home.

Pro-life work gives hope to our world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Anita Battle, San Antonio, TX
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Action News welcomes your letters to the editor. We print as many as we can fit into each print edition of Action News. E-mail your letter or send to the address at the bottom of this page.

Via E-mail:

On behalf of the women whose hearts you have spoken to, thank you! I personally didn’t have to see this website, or even make it to the clinic, but please continue to help these women make the right decisions.

I must admit after all my pro-life debates throughout high school I got pregnant (I’m 19) and I had made the abortion appointment. Of course, then I thought about my baby and backed out. I’m now due for a baby girl on September 13 and cannot believe the thought had ever crossed my mind long enough to make the appointment.

God bless you for encouraging other women to make the same choice. I wish the best to all of you! Thank you for every difference you can make! I only hope that I can change the minds of others as well.

Nicole [last name withheld]

I am requesting to be placed on your mailing list (messages, schedules, itineries, etc.). I was interested in your training seminars, Face the Truth schedules, etc., to join in and assist where I could. My son Eric, who is 9, would like to as well.

He and I assisted the Women’s Center (on Cicero near Foster, in Chicago) Christmas Party one year. I assisted in “security” and he was the “elf” (dressed in a costume I made for him) assisting “Santa” in giving away the gifts to the moms and their children.

We are interested in getting involved in something we feel very strongly about, instead of just putting our heads in the sand. We also would like to come out and assist with the Face the Truth demonstrations, but we’re not sure how we’d register, or if we’d need training before doing so. I didn’t realize that these demonstrations were in Chicago until I observed one on the way to 118 N. Clark to apply for a County Forest Preserve Police position and I stopped to speak to a volunteer who gave me a pamphlet.

Thank you for your time and attention to my request.

Lorraine Ambriz, Chicago, IL

We contaced Lorriane and she joined us downtown for our August Truth Day with her son Eric. — Editor

Dear Joe and all those at Pro-Life Action League,

God bless you for all you do for the unborn. Please know that I will offer up an hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament each day from July 7th-17th for the success of your Face the Truth “Summer Blitz” in Chicago, and I pray especially for the protection of all involved. In thankfulness to God for your call to Life,

Deborah A. Hinnenkamp, Shorewood, MN

My name is Brenda G. and I saw you guys on the sidewalks downtown today. It was my first time seeing something like that and I have been wanting to get involved with pro-life organizations but I didnt know of any in Chicago. If you could please send me information on how I can help and volunteer I would really appreciate it.

Thank you and God Bless all of you.


Brenda G.

We let Brenda know about our upcoming Truth Days throughout the fall. — Editor


I would like to get involved in the fight to save unborn babies. How do I join pro life groups? How do I find an abortion clinic to protest?

I have a pro-life bumper sticker on my car but that’s not enough.

David and Stacey Popovich, Massillon, OH 44647

We receive many requests like the above from pro-lifers around the country tired of watching the abortion battle from the sidelines. We provide information about local pro-life activists when available, or other state and local groups to contact for suggestions, especially area preganncy resource centers, or the Respect Life Office of the local Catholic diocese. Finally, we suggest looking up the nearest abortion clinic at the abortionists’ own website, gynpages.com, to join any fellow pro-lifers are counseling or praying there. — Editor

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Action News welcomes your letters to the editor. We print as many as we can fit into each print edition of Action News. E-mail your letter or send to the address at the bottom of this page.

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