Thirty First Annual March for Life

March for Life Vanguard

Young women form the vanguard of the march, chanting: “Roe v. Wade has got to go!” [Photo by EJS]

The Pro-Life Action League was represented at the thirty-first annual March for Life on January 22 by National Director Joe Scheidler, Executive Director Ann Scheidler, Generations for Life Director Annie Scheidler and Communications Director Eric Scheidler. Joining them was Eric’s son Nate, at eleven already an experienced pro-life activist. During the March, Joe Scheidler and Annie Scheidler gave live interviews to EWTN‘s Marcus Grodi.

Silent No More Campaign

Woman tells how she regrets her abortions
[Photo by Ann Scheidler]

Though the occasion remembered is a sad one, as always the March for Life was an upbeat event, with over one hundred thousand pro-lifers gathering from across the country to stand up for life. The youthfulness of this pro-life throng is always a great source of encouragement.

A more somber note was struck in the evening after the march when dozens of women from the Silent No More campaign spoke publically about the grief and heartbreak caused by their abortions. One of the women gave her testimony in a wedding dress that she said she’d never get to wear for her wedding, after four abortions over two decades.

Pro-lifers have marched in Washington every year since the Supreme Court overturned all state laws protecting the lives of unborn children with the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

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