Pro-Life Club Updates

Club Updates

  • WAUCONDA: New Club Helps Save a Baby
  • ROCKFORD: Teens Commemorate Roe v. Wade
  • LEESBURG: Pro-Life Essayists Awarded
  • JOLIET: “Little Soles” Display Highlights Abortion Holocaust
  • ARLINGTON HEIGHTS: Teens Throw Baby Shower
  • New Club Helps Save a Baby

    TCTFL Group

    TCTFL group outside Albany Abortion mill after 11/15 picket [Photo by EJS]

    WAUCONDA, IL: Our numbers at the Nov. 15 picket of Albany late-term abortion clinic were bolstered by a group of fifteen home-schooled teens from the newly-formed GFL club, Tri-County Teens for Life (TCTFL). While a contingent of the group leafleted the neighborhood, the rest marched in the picket line and held signs of aborted babies at the nearby intersection of Cicero and Elston Avenues. One abortion-bound woman decided to keep her baby after seeing the abortion pictures.

    TCTFL also joined us on Dec. 20 for our “Empty Manger” Abortion Clinic Christmas Caroling Day. Headed by homeschooling mom Lena Hudson, these teens are enthusiastically embracing pro-life activism.

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    Teens Commemorate Roe v. Wade

    ROCKFORD, IL: Jim Heim, facultry advisor for the GFL club at Boylan Catholic High School reports that the club commemorated the 31st anniversary of Roe v. Wade with several activities during the week. They helped distribute pro-life buttons to the entire student body, put up crosses in the school windows to memorialize babies aborted since 1973, and hung pro-life posters throughout the school. The pro-life club was launched only last spring and is already having a tremendous impact educating their fellow students on the value of life.

    Pro-Life Essayists Awarded

    LEESBURG, VA: Faculty advisor Stephen Hertz and the Students For Life group at Loudoun County High School are proud of the recognition two of their members received from their submissions to the National Right to Life Committee‘s Pro-Life Essay Contest. Member Amber R. placed first in the contest and was awarded a $1000 college scholarship, while group co-president Bradley C. placed second and received a $500 scholarship.

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    “Little Soles” Display Highlights Abortion Holocaust

    JOLIET, IL: Stephani Placek and the pro-life club at Joliet Catholic Academy creatively and profoundly illustrated the magnitude of abortion with their “Little Soles” display this past fall. Inspired by the display of children’s shoes at the Holocaust Memorial in Auschwitz, the group placed 4,000 pairs of baby booties in a huge open container and displayed them in the school cafeteria for a full week. The display made a big impression on the students, helping them to appreciate that 4,000 babies are killed every day by surgical abortion in the United States.

    Teens Throw Baby Shower

    ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL: The pro-life club at Christian Libery Academy organized a baby shower in the weeks preceding a memorial service on the 31st anniversary of Roe v. Wade in the school’s Grace Auditorium. Students solicited donations and set up collection bins in school hallways. Donations included clothing, diapers, toiletries, and stuffed animals.

    During the memorial, club officers and members led the school in prayers and hymns, and the school drama team performed a skit entitled, “A Baby’s Response.” Meanwhile, on the lawn outside the school the students displayed fetal development photos and a banner reminding passers-by of America’s 43 million abortions since 1973.

    Cindy Slager, director of the CareFirst Crisis Pregnancy Centers Woodfield center, spoke about CareFirst’s mission and answered students’ questions. At the conclusion of the memorial service the students presented Ms. Slager and CareFirst with several crib loads of baby supplies. “In the midst of this tragedy, students are standing up and realizing that they can make a difference in helping to stop abortion,” remarked club president Kate Schmelzer.

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