Troy Newman Continues To Battle Tiller The Killer

Happy Spring. Last week was a marathon. A talk to students at Ave Maria College in Naples, FL, Knights of Columbus and guests in Bethesda, MD, two talks at Dominican de LaSalle High School for Girls, twelve radio promotions for Steve Peroutka’s radio show, a talk at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Cockeysville, MD and a Face the Truth Tour at an abortionist’s home in Baltimore.

As I said on the weekend Hotline, you can’t say no to Jack Ames, one of the most tireless pro-life activists we have ever known. He has the energy of ten men half his age.

Troy Newman versus Tiller “The Killer”

Just talked to Wichita’s Troy Newman who is holding a massive demonstration at Arch-abortionist George “The Killer” Tiller’s mill this weekend. Troy moved to Kansas from San Diego after helping close down eighteen abortion mills in that town, and his goal is to join pro-lifers in Kansas to close down Tiller’s mill and crematorium.

Troy says Tiller has a political fund for pro-abortion politicians, on whose list of contributors is Fay Clayton. According to Troy, Fay recently sent a check for $1,000 to Tiller’s fund Pro-Kan-Do to put pro-abortionists in office.

“Must” means “Might”?

We hope Fay will soon be sending us the $70,000 of ours that she still holds in her bank. Meanwhile, the Seventh Circuit has ordered Fay to answer our objections to her demand that their three judge panel send our case back to the trial court. Despite the 8 to 1 reversal by the United States the Supreme Court, Fay fights on. She has until April 1 to explain why the high court’s “must” really means “might.”

Listen to Chief Justice William Rehnquist read his decision on the Oyez court website. It’s very convincing and unambiguous.

Clayton’s Corner

Lynn Vincent, features editor for World Magazine, has an article in the March 20 issue on Harry Blackmun’s Legacy with an accompanying story that asks “Isn’t this double Jeopardy?” about our case and Fay’s weird rewriting of the law, and says the three- judge panel’s ruling mystifies attorneys who know the law. Lynn quotes Pro-life attorney Thomas Brejcha, “Nobody could quite comprehend how any lawyer could ask a lower court to overturn a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The story says evidence discovered after the 1998 Scheidler verdict contains news footage, videotape by eyewitnesses, photographs and court documents that makes it clear that some of Fay’s crucial witnesses “appear to have lied.” Did Fay know they were lying? Does Fay worry that allowing witnesses to lie under oath may redound to her credibility, professionalism and ability to act as an officer of the court? Fay may yet have to produce the mysterious four crimes she says the Supreme Court overlooked — crimes based on perjured testimony?

It may turn out that Fay has painted herself into a corner. We’ll keep Action News readers informed.

Three of a Kind

In her March 20 article, Vincent reminds us of one of the most disturbing pieces of Blackmun memorabilia — a note he received from turn-coat Justice Anthony Kennedy, informing Blackmun that he was reversing his vote in the Casey decision, even as Chief Justice William Rehnquist was writing what would have been the majority opinion overturning Roe.

Judas Iscariot, Benedict Arnold, Anthony Kennedy. Three of a kind.

Brilliant Questions from U of M Students

At the University of Maryland Friday we got the old “Do you eat meat?” question: you know, if you’re pro-life, how can you kill a cow? I had to answer that I do like a good hamburger, except for Fridays in Lent. Since this was a Friday in Lent, the cow was safe for the day.

Another zinger: If you’re for fetal rights, why aren’t you for gay rights? But at least the pro-aborts weren’t facing the back of the room this time.

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