Dear Fellow Former-Racketeers

The letter below was mailed to all those who have been supporting, praying for, and encouraging Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League during the long NOW v Scheidler lawsuit.

Dear Fellow Former-Racketeers,

As much as I have enjoyed being known as a “Racketeer,” I am now happy to have been vindicated by the United States Supreme Court.

I want to thank you for all of your prayers and your support during the long ordeal known as NOW v. Scheidler. This victory is from God. The 8-1 majority was even more than we had dared hope for. But when God wants to give you a victory, He makes it a big one.

As you know the Supreme Court ruled on February 26, and it was a total victory. The lower court rulings were entirely reversed, so there will be no new trial, no judgment to be paid, and the nationwide injunction issued by Judge David Coar in 1999 will be lifted. We’ll get our house back and our borrowed money returned.

I want to share this victory with you and invite you to join me in preparing for a new phase of activism. It is my belief that pro-lifers will look upon this victory as a mandate to step up all of their activities. There will be more pro-lifers coming out to the mills to do sidewalk counseling, a much larger prayer presence at the clinics, more Face the Truth Tours, more protests against pro-abortion events and more and larger pickets of pro-abortion politicians.

America, I believe, is on the brink of a new appreciation for the value of human life, especially unborn human life. I believe we are on the cutting edge of a subtle but very clear shift in our attitudes. There is a palpable mood change in the country. Even the secular polls show it. We are winning. Our victory at the Supreme Court is a highly visible proof that we have entered a new phase, but there are also many other indications. One of the most significant is the enthusiasm of young people taking up the pro-life cause in ever-growing numbers. And as you know we have our own youth department, Generations for Life, working out of our office.

We celebrate this victory together, a victory not just for the Pro-Life Action League and for me and the other defendants, but for the whole pro-life movement. Thank you again for the sacrifices you have made and for all the prayers you have offered. We are honored to serve in the pro-life movement with you. Later this spring we plan to have a gala celebration of this victory. You will be hearing about it soon.

In Christ,


Joseph M. Scheidler
Pro-Life Action League

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