Help Us Get a Cargo Van!

One of the keys to the success of our recent Face the Truth tour was the large Ford cargo van that we rented. Rental fees for the ten-day tour ran close to $1000—a great but necessary expense.

Reese Boys unload rented van

The Reese Brothers unload our rented van at 103rd and Kedzie
[Photo by Eric Scheidler]

We’ve decided to pursue the possiblity of acquiring a cargo van to use for Face the Truth and other protests that require great numbers of large signs. The van could also be lent along with our signs to other groups in the region who want to conduct their own Face the Truth tours.

If you have a used cargo van in good working condition that you’d like to donate to the Pro-Life Action league, please call us at 773-777-2900. Not only will this be a tremendous help for our future Truth tours, but you’ll get a great tax deduction too.

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