Blue Skies for September Truth Day

Joe Scheidler outside "Big Blue,"

Joe Scheidler outside the Thompson Center [Photo by EJS]

Our uncanny run of great weather for the 2003 Face the Truth tour continued this past Wednesday with bright blue skies and unseasonably warm weather for our second monthly Truth Day in downtown Chicago. We began as usual over the Kennedy overpasses, with twenty volunteers covering seven bridges over the expressway.

Tour on Randolph

Noon tour site along Randolph at Clark
[Photo by EJS]

We moved on to “Big Blue,” the James R. Thompson Center that houses many state government offices. Providentially, radical pro-abortion Attorney General Lisa Madigan was present in the building for a cultural event. Then after a quick lunch we fanned out throughout the downtown area to distribute thousands of pieces of literature.

Pro-Lifer Assaulted During Last Tour Stop

For out last stop we returned to the grim Adams and Wacker instersection. Just like our summer stop at this site, the crowd was largely indifferent and hostile, though we also received some of our warmest remarks there. For the first half hour at the site, a group of sixteen held pictures of Baby Malachi outside the building that houses the offices of NOW attorney Fay Clayton, the sore loser of NOW v. Scheidler.

Scheidler and Son

Joe Scheidler with cyclist son Eric outside Fay Clayton’s offices with Malachi sign [Photo by EJS]

Despite the generally icy reception of the throngs en route to Union Station, we managed to distribute hundreds more Face the Truth brochures. Near the end of the day, Truth tour lieutenant Tim Murphy and another volunteer were assaulted by a passer by, as Joe Scheidler reports in his 9/18 Hotline. After vigorous pursuit, the attacker was apprehended and handed over to police. Murphy is pressing charges.

New Tactic for Next Truth Day?

We should note that the kind of attack that occured during this Truth Day is very unusual. Don’t let news of this rare assault dissuade you from participating in our next Truth Day on October 15, when we may be trying out an entirely new strategy. We can’t give out the details yet, but stay tuned for a full report when we’ve ironed out the details

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