Citizens bring Christmas to Glenview Firefighters

Contact: Ann Scheidler, 312-965-1030

A coalition of concerned citizens will gather at the Glenview Fire Station at 3507 Glenview Road at noon on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, to sing Christmas carols and stand in solidarity with the Glenview firefighters who were forced to remove their indoor Christmas decorations because some neighbors found a Christmas tree and Santa Claus “offensive.”

The group is responding to the news that it is now Glenview’s official policy that there will be no displays or decorations in celebration of Christmas on public property.

Glenview’s lampposts are decorated with garlands and proclaim “Season’s Greetings.”

“This is not just the ‘holiday season,'” said Ann Crowley Scheidler, who grew up in Glenview and whose father, Thomas E. Crowley, served as a volunteer fireman for many years. “It is Christmas. The firefighters don’t just work here; they live here when they are on duty. They have a right to bring the Christmas spirit to their home away from home.”

“We are all asked to be tolerant of every culture and lifestyle. But when it comes to Christianity, we are expected to get in the closet,” said Scheidler. “We won’t do it. This country was founded by Christians on Christian principles. We are not ashamed of our heritage nor of Christ.”

Glenview is well known for its celebration of Independence Day with a grand Fourth of July parade. “Glenview should suspend the celebration of the Declaration of Independence, since it boldly states that we ‘are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.’ Not in Glenview, I guess,” said Scheidler.

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