Foul Fragrance Targets Teens

Foul Fragrance

A British company has begun to market a product to teens in the U.S. so offensively named that many have believed news of this product to be a hoax. But the Scent to Bed line of fragrances is no hoax, and is just what you would expect from this company, named French Connection U.K., or FCUK.

The name is obviously intended to suggest the foulest of words, as the brain automatically corrects for the inverted letters. What’s even more outrageous is that these fragrances, in FCUK for Him and FCUK for Her versions, are marketed to teens.

The American Family Association has been spearheading a campaign to get this offensive product off the shelves of U.S. stores. They’ve already convinced several chains to drop the product, but Target Corporations’s Marshall Fields has so far refused to do so.

Please contact Target to let them know how offensive you find this product, and how unconscionable that they would market it to teens.

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