Firefighters Appreciate Our Carols

On the Action News Hotline and our home page we announced that on Christmas Eve at noon we would be caroling at Fire Station No. 7 of the Glenview, IL, since the village officials had ordered the fire fighters to take down all their Christmas decorations in response to a complaint from a local Grinch.

We had about a dozen pro-lifers singing with us and then we delivered a small tree, a fireman Santa complete with fireman’s helmet and hose, and various assortments of cookies to the firemen in the de-decorated headquarters. We also held figures of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus

Fire Fighters Appreciate Caroling

The fire fighters seemed grateful and were extremely cordial to all of us who came in to visit them. The story did appear on local television and in the Chicago Tribune, but best of all was an e-mail received on Monday from the President of the Glenview Professional Fire Fighters Union, IAFF Local 4186:

I wish to extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks to your organization and its members for taking time out of your busy holiday schedule to show support for us in our battle against the spineless anti-Christian village officials in Glenview.

I worked my 24 hours shift yesterday and I can tell you that is is the actions of groups such as yours that made a significant impact in our views of the past 10 days. It was my first Christmas in 15 years at a firehouse without a Christmas tree, without decorations, and I can tell you, without the well wishes and prayers of people like yourselves, it would have been much more difficult.

Myself and my brother fire fighters from Local 4186 send their thanks, well wishes and prayers. If there is anything that we can ever assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The letter was addressed to Ann Scheidler who got the idea of caroling at the Glenview Firehouse. Ann grew up in Glenview and her late father, Tom Crowley, was a volunteer fireman for many years. Ann was outraged at the Village officials’ decision and decided to start our Christmas holiday at noon with this bit of Christmas giving. Apparently it was a good idea since it did bring some joy to a great bunch of men who give of themselves constantly.

Pro-Gay Pastors Need Prayers

In other news, Pope John Paul II continues to speak out on the value of marriage, to speak against homosexual unions, and to remain fearless even in the face of criticism for being true to the Ten Commandments, the laws of the Catholic Church as well as to Nature’a laws.

The twenty-odd Chicago pastors who criticized the Holy Father in a public letter for his views on homosexual activity need our prayers — and a little instruction on the teachings of the Catholic Church on this very important matter, as suggested by Cardinal George. There was nothing wrong with the Holy Father’s statement. It was straight as an arrow.

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