Woman’s 19th Abortion Results In Her Death

This is going to be a short Action News because I’m taking my three daughters and my wife to dinner and to see Camelot at the Oakbrook Terrace as an Advent treat and I’ve been writing thank you letters all day. People are very generous at this time of year, thank Heavens. Our bank account was down to $500 at one point recently and it’s hard to operate a national organization on $500.

Woman Killed by 19th Abortion

Here’s a story sent to me by a long time activist. It blew his mind and should make anyone think twice about the kind of society we live in.

Out in California a secretary, Suzanne Kanally, fearful of getting pregnant and fat, had eighteen abortions in eleven years. When she became pregnant again recently, she decided, as usual, on another abortion, but something went wrong at the California abortion mill.

Her sister reported the death, but Suzanne’s lawyers aren’t getting any help from the doctor who performed the abortion. One doctor simply said that she had had too many abortions.

Suzanne had said she hated children. A local pro-lifer hearing of Suzanne’s eighteen abortions said she was worse than any serial killer and called her a disgusting example of what can happen under legal abortion. Suzanne’s sister, however, defended her and said she was essentially a good person and that it was judgmental of pro-lifers who are probably glad now that Susanne has paid the penalty for nineteen abortions.

However, we were only moved to hope she had repented before she died of her nineteenth abortion, as I’m certain is the hope and prayer of all pro-lifers. We don’t want to see anyone go to hell, even if they’ve had nineteen abortions or have performed seventy thousand abortions. Christ’s mercy is available for everyone. Besides, our wishing them damnation would play havoc with our own hope for salvation.

So Suzanne’s sister is wrong. We obviously care more about Suzanne than her sister did.

Upcoming Activism

Here’s to remind you to plan to attend the Lutheran General Hospital protest at Noon on Saturday, December 13, at 1775 Dempster in Park Ridge (map), and later to join in the national “Empty Manger” Christmas caroling program at the abortion mill of your choice and time on Saturday, December 20.

Just pick a mill and go sing there, carrying some kind of empty manger. Then e-mail Eric Scheidler about your event. You’d be surprised how many pro-life groups across the nation have already responded that they plan to take part in the “Empty Manger” caroling program.

Here in Chicago we will start at 9 a.m. at Albany mill, 5086 N Elston (map), move to the American Women Medical Ctr. 2744 N. Western Ave (map) at 10 a.m., be at the Family Planning Associated death camp, 659 W Washington St. (map) in downtown Chicago at 11 a.m. At 11:45 we’ll be singing with gusto at Planned Parenthood at 1200 N. La Salle Dr. (map), and at 12:15 wind up at Concord Medical Center at 17 West Grand Ave. (map) to celebrate the fact that this death camp is permanently closed.

Here we may add an alleluia or two. This is the mill many of us cut our activist teeth on, the site of one of the first all-out abortion mill sit-ins in the country, back in 1979, and scene of some local pro-lifers’ first arrests for not liking abortion. I was arrested at Concord for resisting arrest before I was even told that I was under arrested.

Try to make all five local stops. It will help make your Christmas Merry.

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