So Many Reasons That It’s Awful To Be An Abortionist These Days

I would hate to be an abortionist, not just because I’d be a murderer, but because they are losing the battle. On a purely human level it would be demeaning, embarrassing, frustrating and scary to be in a business doomed to failure and ultimately leads to hell.

Keep Praying for Abortionists

The abortionists are losing. They can’t keep their mills going, get providers, rent space. Contractors refuse to build their death camps, nobody likes them, they are being sued, and public opinion is against them.

Their personal lives are replete with efforts to escape the horror of their jobs with drugs and alcohol, and many attempt suicide. Their marriages break up, their kids hate them, they have to lie even to themselves and they are mostly angry, grouchy, ugly people, living a lie. They try to convince themselves and each other that abortion is a good thing, then try to sell this lie to clueless women and girls.

And think about their future, the eternal future that awaits each of us when life is over. Unrepentant murderers do not go to heaven. It’s going to be hard enough to gain Heaven without having baby killing on the list of sins we take before the Just Judge.

There are four last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. We all die. We all get judged. Each one of us has an eternal destiny: Heaven or Hell. I’m not consigning anyone to Hell, but I know I’d hate to face the Just Judge as an unrepentant abortionist.

That’s why here at the League we pray every day for the abortionists’ reclamation before it’s too late. They can joke and jibe and tease and kid and dodge and laugh and mock and ridicule the truth and us all they want, but the four last things remain just the same.

When they come, as they surely will, perhaps earlier than we think, they will completely absorb us, and all our denying will be of no avail. No, we’ve all got plenty to answer for, but at least you and I are on the right side of the abortion war. Thank God for that blessing. Pray hard for the enemy. It must be tough being an abortionist.

Vogue Article: Pro-Life Winning

A four-page article by Robert Sullivan under Politics in the October Vogue supports our contention that the abortionists are up against it, politically as well as socially. Good article, though it tries to defend the baby killers and while this defense is shallow and totally fails, what it finally concludes is that pro-life is winning, big.

Texas Mill Construction Halt Shows Power of Activism

In the December 6 issue of World, Lynn Vincent and John Dawson write about the group in Austin, Texas under Chris Danz, who have simply stopped all construction on a Planned Parenthood complex there: there’s a hole in the ground that it appears will remain just a hole. No contractors will pour any cement in it, and you can’t bring in cement from too far away. It hardens on route to the site.

We don’t know if Chris ever read our book, CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion, but chapter 73 is entitled, “Warn the Garbage Man, ‘You’re Hauling Corpses,'” and suggests that pro-lifers convince garbage collectors and others to stop doing business with the abortionists.

On the list of non-cooperators we list the mail carrier, the repairman, the plumber, the telephone installer, the electrician. We say to let all these people know that they are servicing a death camp. It can be effective. You never know a person’s disposition until you talk with him. By pointing out the abomination of abortion to those who brush up against it, you might find a strong ally who will help you shut down the mill.

In the World article other victories are recorded such as getting a dirty Planned Parenthood teen website off a California line, while in Beaufort, SC a PP was shut down after nine months, and in Monrovia CA pro-lifers kept a PP mill from opening.

Where there is action there are results. It’s useless just to feel bad about abortion. You have to get active and stop abortion.

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