Daley Plaza Nativity Keeps Christ In Christmas

Jim Finnegan and the famous God Squad and Nativity Crew did it again — they placed a life-size manger scene in the Chicago Daley Plaza that will remain there until after Christmas. While all over America, Christ is being brutally ripped out of former sites and denied as a part of Christmas, when in fact Christmas is only about Christ, it is refreshing and encouraging to see the Nativity set prominently displayed in the middle of downtown Chicago.

God Squad Keeps Christ in Chicago Christmas

And it is thanks to stalwarts like Jim Finnegan and Officer Terry Hodges that this sacramental continues each year. We were scheduled to lead the caroling Saturday but we were stuck on Route 65 coming from Indianapolis where 100 cars and trucks had slipped off the road.

Rather than make it 101 we discovered a handy exit and went back to Indianapolis and stayed over. We were able to contact Finnegan who assured us they could handle the ceremony without us. Sorry. Next year.

The story was featured with a photograph of a child looking at the crib on page 8A of the Chicago Sun-Times Metro section Sunday, Nov. 30. The caption read, “Nativity Scene at Plaza. A ceremony Saturday marks the annual construction of the nativity scene in Daley Center Plaza.”

The bell choir from Santa Maria del Populo Catholic Church in Mundelein performed. It is in keeping with the truth that the nativity scene is in a prominent place in downtown Chicago. Christmas is only about Christ’s birth: All the rest is trappings — Santa Clauses and Red Nosed Reindeers and Frosty Snow Men, are fun, but they aren’t of the essence.

We feel sorry for towns and cities that have collapsed under a little pressure and removed manger scenes. The cowards. Jesus said that he who acknowledge him before men will be acknowledges before the Father, and that those who reject him before men will be rejected by the Father.

It took a court order to keep the Nativity Scene in the Daley Plaza, but at least it’s there. Hats off to Jim and Terry and the God Squad who put it up every year. God bless you, merry gentlemen.

Pray Bishops Will Act with Courage

A little commentary on Catholic bishops: As some callers know, years ago I studied for the Catholic priesthood. I met and studied with some of the finest young men of our generation. Over the years many of them became bishops. Every time I look around I run into a classmate who is now a bishop: Bishop Hoffman, Bishop Mengleing, Bishop Hickey, Bishop Gettlefinger, Bishop Buecklein.

I admire and respect these men whom I first knew by funny nicknames like Ox Lohner, P.D.Cordas Pig Piguet. But so often the laity are unhappy with their bishops and pro-lifers especially are often deeply disappointed when pro-abortion candidates claiming to be Catholic receive the Sacraments while nothing seems to be done to correct this travesty.

Such a battle is going on right now in Michigan. The bishop there is a friend and classmate whom I respect and admire but who has not met with the sincere pro-lifers regarding the pro abortion Governor, Jennifer Granholm. Former Chicago area pro-life leader Monica Miller has tried twice to meet with the bishop, to no avail.

So I have written him and reminded him of his commission to be a strong, fearless leader in support of those who fight evil. There is hardly an evil worse than abortion supported by the Catholic politicians. When, we ask, will we get faithful Catholic leadership, which we are entitled to.

Pray that the bishops’ recent promise to address the Catholic pro-abortion politician issue will bear fruit, and lead to these phony Catholics changing their ways, or being disciplined. Pray to the Infant in the manger and His Mother that the Bishops, who have the power to correct this travesty, will act with courage and become worthy to wear the purple and red for the courage and martyrdom that they represent.

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