Pro-Abort’s Rage Against PBA Ban Proves Their Extremism

Some years ago Tom Marzen, pro-life friend and attorney, pointed out that the story of “Hanzel and Gretel” was actually a story about witch-midwives who would perform abortions, on rich or poor, for a price. Her little gingerbread cottage in the forest was the abortion mill. The fence made of children symbolized all the children she had killed in abortion.

Pro-Aborts and Witches

We had not heard this slant on the familiar fairy tale, but it made sense. And it still makes sense now, as we see the abortionists in a frenzy to keep the rights to kill unhampered, their demands that no pro-life judges be appointed, their frenzy to keep horrific partial-birth abortion available. Their lies and deception and ugly rancor are becoming daily more obvious to the whole nation. The witches are still with us. Hanzel and Gretel are still in danger.

Consider their rage against President Bush for signing the ban on partial birth abortion, which had majority support in both houses and overwhelming popular support. This outrageous method of killing babies in the process of being born is something they want. It is something they see as a good. They found judges to enjoin even this small effort to save a few lives. They are seen marching to the courts, heard lying about the need for this method of child killing, claiming the ban takes away a woman’s basic rights.

But their rage is working to their detriment. They are showing the nation just how nasty they are. Slowly Americans are seeing the witches and their satanic cult for what they are.

Abortion Mill Construction Halted

Meanwhile, things are not going well for the abortion crowd. The story from Austin, TX for example, is in the news again — the one about the sixty construction companies that have formed a boycott to prevent the building of a 6.2 million-dollar Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

Browning Construction Co. of San Antonio had broken ground for the killing center but stopped construction and wants to cancel their contract. They cannot get subcontractors and suppliers. The pro-aborts call the boycott a campaign of harassment and intimidation and they promise to build their mill anyway, but to date the work is still halted. We hope it stays that way.

Trib Editor on Media Bias

Don Wycliff, Public Editor of the Chicago Tribune, wrote an excellent column Nov. 6 in defense of pro-lifers being called by their chosen name and not “anti-choice.” He asks if the public doesn’t deserve to have terms used that they understand, instead of having journalists try so hard to remain “down the middle,” that they obscure the truth.

One mistake Wycliff — and most journalists — make, is that they truly believes the secular press tries to be fair. Fair my eye! We’re not even on their Rolodex.

Wycliff says bias is usually unintentional, but that this doesn’t make it any less distorting or destructive. He says it is critical for all journalists to question themselves, challenge their assumptions and recognize the traps they may fall into. Well, one trap is believing their glaring bias is unintentional. Most of them have never listened to a live pro-lifer. But this column is a start.

John Kass’s Nov. 6 column, “Right to Life is Not About Righteousness” in the same issue, is also good. He quotes President Bush’s statement at the ban on partial-birth abortion signing: ” The right to life cannot be granted by government, because it does not come from government. It comes from the Creator of life.” Kass concludes that there is a price we all must pay for allowing abortion. “It coarsens us. It brutalizes us.”

Schlafly To Speak at ICL Benefit

Phyllis Schlafly is guest speaker at the Illinois Citizens for Life 31st Annual Benefit Dinner and Auction Friday, Nov. 14 at the Carlisle in Lombard, IL. For reservations and information call ICL at 630-8452-5448.

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