The Real Value Of The PBA Ban

You have had the good fortune to hear Action News reports by Eric Scheidler and Annie Scheidler during the past week and we thank both of them for taking over this task while Ann and I were on a brief working vacation. From time to time they will take over when we are out of town. They are both great.

Two Michigan Talks

On Tuesday, October 21 spoke to 350 pro-lifers in Sterling Heights, MI for the Macomb County Affiliates of Right to Life of Michigan Benefit and Awards Dinner. On Wednesday I spoke to students of St. Mary’s College in Orchard Lake, MI at the request of Monica Migliorino Miller, long time pro-life leader formerly of Chicago and Milwaukee, and now professor of theology at St. Mary’s. It was a lively discussion.

An added interest to us is the fact that this was where General William Tecumseh Sherman, during the American Civil War, gave the rousing speech — at what was then the Michigan Military Academy Barracks — in which he told his audience, “War is Hell.”

Scheidlers on the Road

Ann Scheidler is giving a talk Friday in Washington D. C., while Eric is speaking in Walnut Creek and Marin County, CA. I will be speaking in both Steubenville, OH and Orange County, NY over the weekend and head back to Michigan to speak Monday and Tuesday in Ann Arbor and be on Al Kresta’s morning show and Theresa Tomeo’s afternoon show on KDDO radio. Annie has a talk in Freeport, IL Tuesday. So the Scheidler’s are on the road trying to spread the Gospel of Life.

Fall Action News Coming

Within a week or so you should be receiving your copy of the newly formatted Fall, 2003 Action News, packed with reports on activities the League has sponsored and carried out during the past few months. If you do not receive your copy please give us a call. This issue is just too good to miss.

The Real Value of the PBA Ban

We just did an interviews with the New York Times on the newly passed Ban on Partial Birth Abortion and while we admitted that the signing of this bill into law is a milestone and a victory for the unborn, as a practical means of stopping abortion it probably will have no real effect. It will quickly be enjoined by a pro-abortion Federal Judge — who are very easy to find — and the whole process of working it through the court system will begin, probably ending in an overturn by the U. S. Supreme Court, especially with the present make-up of the Court, and with Justice Antonin Scalia reportedly recusing himself from a vote.

But even if the bill were to be found constitutional, it would be difficult to enforce and even if enforced, late term abortionists would just go back to other methods of abortion not outlawed.

But as a teaching tool, the concept of working a ban on partial birth abortion through the system has been an ingenious tool for showing the public one form of abortion and alerting the masses to the fact that all abortion is ugly, cruel, inhumane, vicious and the premeditated murder of innocent and helpless children.

Showing the people the ugly face of abortion is a must. That’s why we conduct Truth Tours on a monthly basis and are spreading the project nationwide. While we are grateful to those who voted for the ban, we don’t believe for a minute that any pro-lifer was fooled by support from pro-aborts like Senator Patrick Lahey of Vermont, into thinking a vote for the ban makes him a pro-life vote and gives him a free ride. A vote for the ban does not a pro-lifer make.

Jeb Bush Does the Right Thing

We are tipping our hat to Florida Governor Jeb Bush for ordering the feeding tube to be reattached in the case of Terri Schiavo. Congratulatory messages have been reportedly flowing into the Florida Governor’s Office. Say a prayer for Terri.

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