Michelman Retires From NARAL

The good news is that Kate Michelman has resigned as head of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and right after they had changed their name for the third time. Kate says she has to give up her job as henchman for the abortion group to take care of hubby and child.

Kate Michelman To Leave NARAL

Kate is 61, and we wonder about that child excuse, but what do we know. Besides, to a parent, we’re always kids.

In her resignation message Kate claims that she helped defeat Robert Bork for the High Court, helped shoot down Webster and Casey, thought up the slogan “Who Decides?”, got Bill Clinton elected, got the FACE bill passed, and dreamed up the reunion of pro-aborts to meet in April in D. C.

We’ll comment on the gala when it happens. The last one was a colossal flop. It’s hard celebrating child killing. They never look very gala. But in any event, we’re glad to see Kate go back to her family with her little list of victories which she will have to answer for some day.

Remember that this is still the Kate Michelman who in 1994 said: “We think abortion is a bad thing. No woman wants to have an abortion.” Even though Kate later insisted: “I would never, never, never, never, never mean to say such a thing,” there it was on tape for all the world to hear. She finally admitted it but said it was taken out of context. Still: “Abortion is a bad thing. No woman wants to have an abortion.”

Kate says she’ll stay active trying to get a pro-abortion president elected in 2004. We feel sorry for whoever takes over Kate’s evil empire. They’re getting in at a bad time. They’re losing.

Enough Is Enough

Operation Save America is holding a national “Enough is Enough” rally this Thursday, September 25. In Chicago the rally is in the Federal Plaza, Adams and Dearborn Streets, starting at 11:30 a.m. This national effort is to alert the Federal Courts to the fact that Americans are tired of the federal judiciary under the color of law being used by atheists to destroy our liberty.

Head of the local protest is Pastor Rick Barnard who says the people are holding the Federal Courts in contempt of God’s court: ” We will declare that every decision which they have made that has defied the authority of Almighty God, removed his Holy Laws from the public life of our nation, and codified evil into law, are no longer binding on us, our children or this nation.” For information call (815) 942-2786.

Protest at Abortionist Goyal’s Home

On Saturday, September 27 at noon and lasting one hour, pro-lifers will protest at the home of abortionist Dr. Vinod Goyal in Inverness. Meet at Sacred Heart Church parking lot, corner of Maple and Elizabeth in Lombard, at 11 a.m.

My Mother Theresa Relics

Mother Theresa is about to be beatified, which is a step from being canonized a saint. We met Mother Theresa several times and had a few words with her, but our most memorable meeting occurred in Washington D. C. during a pro life conference when she was speaking behind a podium so high that nobody could see her.

I happened to have a box of my books with me, which I was not allowed to sell at the conference. So I put the box behind the podium and mother Theresa stood on it and was seen by all. The original box is gone, but I still have fifteen copies of the book Mother Teresa stood on and I’m considering them second class relics.

So, while vendors in the Vatican sell Mother Teresa rosaries and key chains, and enthusiasts produce movies and cartoons about her life I’ve got fifteen copies of CLOSED that she stood on. So there.

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