Ten Commandments Removed

Happy feasts of St. Monica and St. Augustine, patron saints of parents who worry over their wayward children, and wayward children who eventually come back to the fold. Boy, are these two saints badly needed today.

Pray with St. Monica

Monica prayed for nearly thirty years for Augustine to come to a moral life, which eventually he did with a vengeance, becoming a Christian, then a priest, then a Bishop and eventually one of the greatest theologians in the church, writing his deeply spiritual Confessions, and his famous City of God. Augustine was known as the doctor of grace. His mother was treated like dirt by both her husband and at first by Augustine, though in time he became close to her and they had long discussions on the eternal verities.

Monica gives us all hope that our various Augustines will some day become great saints. So don’t stop praying. Monica didn’t, and look what happened.

Believe-in-Nothing Courts

The ten commandments monument has been removed from Judge Roy Moore’s judicial building in Montgomery, AL, even as hundreds of Christians prayed outside. The monument is still in the building hidden in a windowless room, while Judge Moore decides what to do with it. Even the superintendent of the building who had to have it removed publicly apologized for his action and said he wanted to join the prayer group. At least one company refused to remove the monument.

This story is only the beginning. The district court has awakened a Sleeping Giant. Christians all across the nation are rising up and demanding that the courts return to the natural law, the divine positive law — in short, the ten commandments — in their legal decisions. Enough of forcing God out of the public square. This is God’s world, we are his creatures, this is his creation, and pretending that God doesn’t exist is wearing on people.

Yours truly has been reading a book about Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., a former Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, who believed in nothing and brought his nothingness into the modern judicial system where it has remained for lo these many years. It was a believe-in-nothing court that gave us Roe v. Wade, and totally godless court that gave us the recent sodomy ruling and all the anti-God rulings in between. A nothing court will give us exactly that — nothing but trouble and rotten decisions.

But in time the court will change, or else chaos will reign. It turns out that it is either God’s law or it is no law at all and at present we are precariously close to no law at all. The book is entitled Law Without Values and that is what we have in America, 2003.

Please Pray NOW Will Admit Defeat

It is now more than six months since the United States Supreme Court in an 8 to 1 ruling ordered NOW and their abortion mill owners to vacate the national injunction against us, to return our $70,000 cash bond and to give us our house back. Six months later none of this has been done. We don’t have our house, we still have a national injunction against us and we don’t have the $70,000 which still sits in NOW’s bank.

Since we have tried about everything in our power to get NOW and its abortion mills to comply with the Supreme Court ruling, we now turn to that power that won the case in the first place: your prayers. Please, as soon as you read this message, say an ardent prayer that this case will be settled by Monday, October 28. That gives the court two months to see the reasonableness of settling this case.

We want not only our goods back and the injunction vacated, but the costs that we are introducing. The longer the court takes, the larger the costs will grow, since we are opening up all the books and we keep finding more expenses that NOW and the abortionists will eventually be commanded to pay. So, for the next two months, pray.

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