On The Feast of the Transfiguration

August 6 is the feast of Christ’s Transfiguration, when he appeared to three Apostles in garments that were, according to St. Mark, ” dazzling white, such as no fuller on earth could bleach them.” This was to encourage Peter, James and John and prepare them for the terrible betrayal and bloody persecution He was about to face in his passion.

“This Is My Beloved Son. Listen to Him”

It is good for all of us from time to time to think of Jesus transfigured and glorious, and to consider that each of us will some day be transfigured and will have glorified bodies as Christ does now. Right now that may seem far away as we contemplate our sore knees, thinning hair, and waning sight. But what is most important to all of us now, is to listen to the voice that accompanied the Transfiguration, the voice coming from the cloud admonishing: “This is My beloved Son. Listen to him.”

That is our mission, to listen and to do whatever he says. Doing that is how we are transfigured and eventually come to have a glorified body, and it doesn’t really matter whether the world is listening to us or not. We don’t have to answer for the unbelievers, not if we have tried to reach them with the Truth. Each of us must answer for himself. So if the world hates us and our message, we go right ahead repeating it. Happy Transfiguration.

“Say Goodbye to Chester”

There’s a quaint scene in one of my favorite movies, “Hoosiers,” with Gene Hackman. Norman Dale, Hackman as Coach of the Hickory Warriors high school basketball team, is moving into a farm house. A lady passes by holding a dead rabbit. She says to Hackman, “Say ‘hello’ to Chester.” Dale says “Hello, Chester.” She immediately adds, “Say good-bye to Chester.” Dale just chuckles.

That scene came to mind when I read Monday’s headlines, “Episcopalians Confirm Gay Bishop.” Say hello to the Episcopal Church. Say good-bye to the Episcopal Church. The fiasco over appointing an active homosexual bishop makes the dead rabbit look alive by comparison. A church that accepts an active sodomite as a leader, blesses same sex marriages and condones abortion is a church nobody can take seriously. “Say good-bye to Chester.”

The little tiff over whether Rev. V. Gene Robinson cheated on his male lover makes as much sense as getting upset because a robber has become a thief. The whole episode reminds me of the time our County Treasurer was reelected while in jail for robbing the treasury.

But then a church founded by a king who had eight wives had a problem to begin with. While we’ve known some great Episcopalians in our day, most of them saw the light along the way and no longer belong to that church. This must be the last straw for many good Episcopalians.

Pro-Gay Press Needs Prayers

Have you noticed how most of the columnists in our secular newspapers defend the gay lifestyle, support same sex marriage and condemn the Catholic and Fundamentalist Churches for standing by marriage between a man and a woman? This is not accidental. For at least twenty years the gays have been infiltrating the media and have sold these godless wonders on their agenda and have propagandized the press big time.

We attended a think tank in Aspen Colorado nearly twenty years ago and saw the plan was in operation then. We will see much more of the same. Personally I’ve about reached the point where I can’t even read their stories and columns anymore, championing sodomy and pornography. I know their scenario by heart.

Totally confusing love with lust, the seculars condone any kind of physical union. They are simply sick and about all we can do for them now is pray. They have abandoned even the laws of nature so that anything goes and any arrangement is acceptable. They mock God and His word. So pray hard for the secular press.

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