“Catholic” Durbin Says Catholics Need Not Apply For Court Appointments

The full-day presentation by Brian Clowes of Human Life International Wednesday was well received by more than two dozen pro-life activists. His comprehensive treatment of the abortion culture, their phony arguments and deception were matched by his laying out the program for an inevitable pro-life victory. Brian told the group that his entire program is being put on a CD and this may have been his last public in person presentation, so we were the lucky group to hear the master live. His new program will be ready by Christmas.

Dump Durbin

Dick Durbin is lucky I’m not his bishop. I would declare him excommunicat ipso facto simpliciter reservata a sacra sedes, late sententiae. In short I’d kick the bum out.

Pro-abort Durbin denounces Alabama Attorney General William Pryor’s nomination to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and condemns as offensive Pryor’s ad saying Catholics Need Not Apply for the position. The ad accuses some senators of opposing Prior for having deeply held Catholic beliefs, which is surely true. Pryor has called abortion murder and said Roe v. Wade is the worst constitutional decision in the Supreme Court’s history. Pryor also supports school prayer, and doesn’t think the Supremes should excluding religion from public life. Durbin, calls Pryor’s ads fundamentally unfair and outrageous.

Durbin calls himself “a Catholic who has a different view on that issue.” Dick, apparently thinks “Thou shalt not kill” has a double meaning. We think pro abortion Catholics-in-name-only should be kicked out. Are we too harsh?

But Pryor did get past the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday by a 10-9 party-line vote. The nomination goes to the full Senate where the likes of Durbin, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein will try to keep the vote from getting to the full Senate. Pryor will join other pro-life judicial appointees waiting in the wings until there is a house cleaning in the Senate.

When will the bishops do their job? Pro-abortion Catholic politicians are a scandal.

Park District Thick as a Brick

We talked with Mildred Tong shortly after reading the story about the brick she and her husband Bob tried to have placed in a new Park in Edgewater. The Tongs had inscribed on their brick, “Missy, EB and Baby: Jesus is the Cornerstone. Love, Mom and Dad.” This seems like an innocent enough message to put on a brick to be around for years to come so their children, now 4, 2 and 6 months will know their parents loved them and believed in Jesus.

But not innocent to Park District Chairman Julian Green. To him it was terrifying that the name of Jesus might be cut into a brick in his park, so give the Tongs their money back and toss out their tribute to their children as too dangerous an attack on the separation of Church and Park District.

Mildred was sweet and said they had a lawyer out east trying to help them get their message on the brick. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in Washington D.C. defends all manner of religious, thinking religion is an apt subject for public discussion. They have defended Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and native Americans.

The Tongs say they don’t mind if other religions get their names put on bricks, but why can’t they say what they want to say on their brick. The bricks already say ‘Peace on Earth’ and ‘Grace be to this place’. We told the Tongs if they need local help our attorneys will be glad to wade in. These are the guys who won an 8 to 1 case before the Supremes. They ought to be able to handle the Park District.

Even the Sun Times‘ Mark Brown who admits to being one brick short of a load, is grudgingly siding with the Tongs after talking to the Becket Foundation. Maybe there are worse crimes than mentioning Jesus on a brick. One of these days Julian Green, Mark Brown, Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer, you, me will stand before Jesus as our Judge. I think we should let the brick stay.

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