Pro-Aborts Too Tired To Join Us On Tour

[My Body My Choice]

While walking to the Mellow Yellow in Hyde Park Saturday some pro-aborts loitering on the sidewalk shouted, “Get out of our town, parasites!” There we were, tax paying citizens of Chicago bringing some prosperity to the community by eating there, being told by vagrants that we were unwelcome on our own turf.

Pro-Aborts Poop Out on Tour

It was our shirts that gave us away: “Abortion stops a baby’s heart.” We had been promised crowds of pro-aborts in Hyde Park and were disappointed when one lonely protester appeared with a home-made sign. They’re all talk.

[Mom with Kids]

Our first week of Face the Truth was highly successful with at least twelve babies saved, thousands of pieces of literature distributed and 300,000 people made aware of the basic fact that abortion is, as Sarah Crocco put it in our Face the Truth Video, “Bad.”

Some loud mouth pro-aborts made complete fools of themselves display their displeasure. On Saturday one man in a yellow shirt ran around like a maniac using four letter words in front of children, protesting that our pictures bothered children. They sure bothered him and he challenged Rev. Caesar La Flour to a fight with his son. The son never materialized.

On 51st and Lake Park Ave., one pro-abort drove around honking his horn and giving the finger until he ran into an abutment and almost hit one of our volunteers. He had to stop long enough for the volunteers to tell him they got his license number. The maniac disappeared in a stream of yellow vapor.

[Praying after Halsted and 79th site]

But we have had many positive discussions even with some hot heads, many of whom cooled down and took literature and began to see the light. All in all the first week was highly successful and very satisfying. Fr. Peter West will be accompanying us from Priests for Life Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mark Crutcher’s July Life Talk Highlights

In other news Life Dynamics‘ July video, Life Talk, tells of the big money loss by Planned Parenthood in Texas and Georgia’s Dr. Charles Rossman leaving a woman in labor in a locked room, then running away when the police came to rescue her and her baby. The baby died, and Rossman is still on the run.

Also on Life Talk for July, Martin Haskall of Kettering Ohio, Father of the Partial Birth Abortion, is in trouble for not having a transfer agreement with a hospital in his vicinity. This is a legal requirement. But a friendly Judge has given Haskall a pass.

And speaking of Haskall, Crutcher’s July video has a chilling recording of Haskall describing in detail how he performs partial birth abortions. You can hear Haskall in the background doing a Partial Birth abortion and talking with a patient even as he shows the video of the operation and describes the gruesome procedure. You can hear the shout out in pain as Haskall admits that he rarely puts the woman under. You hear the suction machine actually sucking out the baby’s brains followed by applause from his viewing audience of fellow abortionists.

If you want to hear this little bit of hell, contact Mark Crutcher at 940-380-8800 to order the July Life Talk, or order online. You can also view Life Talkonline at select times. You have to hear this.

Randall Terry Scares NOW

Randall Terry scared the NOWs at their convention last week in Crystal City, DC when he announced plans to rain on their parade in Washington scheduled for next April. Stay tuned.

Still Time To Join the Tour

And join us on the streets of Chicago during the next five days. For information call our office or see the online schedule. You will never regret the time you spend saving the babies and frustrating the plans of the baby killers from the Supreme Court Justices to the lowest abortion provider to the sad people who shout foul language at you.

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