McCorvey Hasn’t Forgotten: Abortion Is Murder

A few weeks ago we reported on a meeting held in a Reformed Jewish synagogue in Glencoe, Illinois, calling women to get active keeping abortion wide open in this country. Now we are informed that the speaker at a meeting of the National Council of Jewish Women warned women that their right to abortion was in danger and recalled horror stories of the days of illegal abortion.

Using role-playing techniques they tried to accentuate the need for abortion. The speaker also claimed that Norma McCorvey is now trying to have her famous case reversed because she has forgotten what it was like to be caught in a crisis pregnancy.

Norma McCorvey Has Forgotten Nothing

The truth, of course, is that Norma McCorvey knows only too well that no matter what situation she faced in 1972, the millions of deaths that have resulted from Roe v. Wade weigh far more heavily on her conscience. She is not pursuing a reversal of Roe v. Wade because she has forgotten anything, but because she has such a clear memory of so much tragedy in the wake of legalized abortion.

It is typical of the pro-abortion movement to trivialize McCorvey’s concerns. When Miss Norma was paraded around by NARAL and NOW as their poster girl for legal abortion, they treated her as an inferior. They never let her actually address the public on her own and did not have the time of day for her, unless it was to use her to their advantage.

Now that McCorvey has taken up the cause for life, they are scrambling to discredit everything she says and does. But the truth is, no one knows better than Miss Roe what the consequences of Roe v. Wade have been.

Women Don’t Really Want Abortion

For anyone in the so-called “Women’s Movement” to dismiss Norma’s cause and her concerns belies the reality that the women’s movement couldn’t care less about what is really good for women. They persist in denying the abortion/breast cancer connection. They deny that women suffer from post-abortion trauma and they claim that women freely choose abortion, when anyone who has ever stood in front of an abortion mill can testify that most of the women going in for an abortion are under some sort of duress to get rid of the pregnancy. No woman actually wants an abortion.

Anyone who would like to verify that statement should go out this Saturday to an abortion mill. Join the prayer group, or simply observe what happens there. Look at the downcast eyes of the women coming to the clinic, the strain in their faces, often the tears on their cheeks.

It would be a blessing for these women if McCorvey could take away the awful choice to kill their babies. We pray for the day that abortion is not only unavailable, but unthinkable. In the meantime, we do whatever we can to raise consciousness about abortion and to lead women to life-affirming alternatives.

Chicago Truth Tour: July 9-19

Pro-Life Action League supporters who live in Illinois and nearby states have received an invitation to join the League’s summer 2003 Face the Truth tour. For more information on the Tour, see the Truth 2003 schedule online or call our office and ask for a brochure. We welcome anyone who wants to join the Tour July 9 through 19 in the Chicago area.

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