McCorvey Files Motion Asking To Overturn Roe

Norma McCorvey, the Roe of the infamous Texas case Roe v. Wade that served as a tool to get nation-wide legal abortion in 1973, has just filed a complaint in Texas, challenging that thirty -year-old ruling that has consigned some 47 million children to death through abortion. Miss Norma, as she is known in pro-life circles, filed a motion Tuesday asking the court to consider new evidence showing that abortion is harmful to women.

Miss Norma Calls for Reversal of Roe

Miss Norma became a militant pro-lifer ten years ago and deeply regrets her role in Roe v. Wade and claims that the l973 ruling is invalid since there is abundant evidence showing the hurtful effects of abortion on women having them. “We’re getting our babies back,” McCorvey said at a news conference in Dallas, Texas flanked by sixty-some post abortive women holding signs saying, “I regret my abortion.”

McCorvey said in filing the brief that she feels like the weight of the world has just been lifted off her shoulders and Allen Parker, her attorney said he can recall no other landmark case in which the plaintiff has asked for a reversal. He says new evidence will show that the court wrongly decided the case and that there is plenty of evidence to prove this.

The motion, filed in Dallas, Texas, will be considered by the Texas attorney general’s office and the Dallas District Attorney, who each have twenty days to respond. More than 5,400 pages of evidence supporting Mc Corvey’s claim were submitted along with 1,000 affidavits from women who say they made a mistake in having an abortion. McCorvey never did have an abortion.

AMA Appoves Cloning

In other news, the American Medical Association has decided to make use of human stem cells from cloned embryos for medical experimentation. While saying they oppose cloning as a means of developing a full grown baby, and while allowing conscientious doctors not to take part in the cloning research, they say it is ethical to clone human embryos and use them for medical research. The baby is killed in the research.

The AMA says the possible benefits from this human research outweighs the moral belief that human beings should not be used as raw material and disposable objects to be used for experiments. In an interview we did Tuesday with Health Watch we pointed out that when you make up your own ethics you can casually decide what is and isn’t ethical, since the AMA leadership has no basis for judging right from wrong. “What is useful is good” is the AMA’s materialist code of ethics.

Sometimes the only thing you can think to say is, “Thank Heavens there’s a Hell.” Perhaps that reality will someday seep through their thick AMA skulls and they’ll rethink their theology before it’s too late.

Canadian “Devolution”

In the ongoing saga of gay marriage in Canada, Prime Minister Jean Chretien has announced that Canada will change its law to allow homosexual marriage. Chretien has said the new law will be drafted soon and submitted to the Supreme Court of Canada and then put to a Parliament vote. His party has a majority in the legislature.

Chretien said that there is an evolution of society. Sounds more like a decaying of society, all the way back to Sodom and Gomorra whose evolution in their societies brought down fire from Heaven. That kind of evolution society can do without.

For about eight years we have been barred from Canada, and have been trying to get this restriction lifted. But the way things are going up there maybe we don’t really want to travel to Canada after all. We may strike Belgium and the Netherlands from our list, too.

The Sinner Becomes the Sin

Meanwhile, The Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Phoenix, AZ announced its initiative to try to convince gays that they can become heterosexual if they become Christians. They’re urging their 42,000 churches nationwide to reach out to homosexuals with the message that they can find freedom from their sinful and destructive lifestyle. The Southern Baptists have 16 million members.

Without getting into a deep theological disputation, there is some truth to the homosexual’s suspicions. In the Augustinian philosophy we ultimately become our sin if we have not overcome it through acts of the will. After all, a person eventually becomes a complex of his decisions, good or bad.

There is a dictum, agere secquitur esse, our actions flow from our being, our very essence, what we are. Similarly, our actions tell a whole lot about our esse, who we are. Our actions are not disassociated from who we are. What makes a person adopt a perverted life style such as homosexuality? Is it genetics as some try to tell us, or is it ultimately a choice? What is free will? Are we unable to overcome some evils?

While we must love the sinner and hate the sin, there does inevitably come a time when the sinner becomes irrevocably identified with his sin. When a person dies in mortal sin it isn’t his sin that goes to hell, while he goes to heaven. Rather, the sinner is so identified with his sin that he is damned. Think it over.

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