Pro-Lifers Must Honor The Child

The proponents of abortion are apparently scared to death that the sacred right to abortion may be slipping from their grip. We hope they’re right.

To try to shore up support for their increasingly unpopular position, the pro-aborts, still trying to hide behind the moniker of “choice,” have been holding various award ceremonies to honor abortion providers and giving speeches aimed at galvanizing their gullible followers into some sort of action.

Pro-Life Opportunity at Glencoe Protest

Last week the Pro-Life Action League held a protest at a reformed Jewish synagogue in upscale Glencoe, Illinois, where NOW attorney Fay Clayton and NARAL attorney Sara Love were speaking on the threat to legal abortion. According to an article by Ken Goze in Thursday’s Glencoe News, the temple only rented space to the pro-abortion group, but we learned from several friends attending the talks that Rabbi Lowenstein began the evening by assuring the audience that the reformed Jewish community has a proud history in support of abortion.

The same issue of Glencoe News printed a letter from David Wasserman, who waged a one-man campaign to convince the rabbi to cancel the pro-abortion program, was turned away from attending the talk in spite of making a reservation to attend, and then joined the League protest in front of the synagogue. Mr. Wasserman is calling for the resignation of Rabbi Lowenstein and executive director, Ed Alpert.

The article and letter in the local newspaper of this small, but influential community highlight the importance of publicly protesting whenever a pro-abortion event is going on. Am Shalom synagogue is on a quiet street with little traffic, so very few passers-by saw our protest featuring large posters of aborted babies. But most residents of Glencoe receive the Glencoe News and will learn of the protest and controversy in their community. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to champion the cause of the unborn and to protest abortion.

Ann Scheidler’s MSNBC Appearance

One of those opportunities was the MSNBC program Scarborough Country Tuesday evening. The League received a call at 5:00 pm that afternoon requesting a spokesman to appear on the program in just a few hours. League executive director Ann Scheidler, your Hotline editor for today, appeared on the program opposite WLS talk show host Nancy Skinner, a strong proponent of abortion, with host Joe Scarborough.

The topic at hand was Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s proposal that a guardian be appointed for the unborn baby of a mentally retarded woman who was raped and is over 5 months pregnant. Skinner, echoing the theme of all abortion advocates was livid at the thought of a mere fetus being considered important enough to warrant a guardian. “The fetus is not a person,” she shouted — loud enough to be heard by yours truly through the closed door of the studio she was being filmed in.

I maintained that Gov. Bush is doing exactly what a governor should—guarding the life and the rights of the citizens of his state. Both the mother and her unborn baby deserve protection.

Skinner accused Bush of using the controversy to gain political advantage, which is almost an admission on her part that the majority of the public is basically aware of the intrinsic value of the unborn baby and that this is a popular position.

Pro-Lifers Must Honor the Child

But pro-aborts are terrified when a tiny, helpless unborn baby is given any value whatsoever. They must know deep down somewhere that this tiny little person is inherently valuable and has the power to totally unravel the tower of lies that allows the liberal feminist and her allies to indulge their selfish lifestyles. This is why it is so essential that pro-lifers honor the child.

In our Face the Truth demonstrations we prove that abortion takes the life of a child. Come back Monday for a report from League Director Joe Scheidler on the summer program of Face the Truth tours throughout Mississippi.

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