Fay Speaks At Synogogue: League Protests And Infiltrates

Several hundred friends and family members attended Greg Morrow’s Tridentine Rite Funeral Mass Wednesday, at St. Thomas More Catholic Church. Celebrant was the pastor, Rev. Anthony Brankin. Besides the full Missa Pro Defunctis in Latin, complete with the Dies Irae, Fr. Brankin’s homily was superb, with just enough humor to capture Greg’s sardonic wit, and so much insight into Greg’s motivation that the gathering understood what had made this simple man so powerful, effective, determined and so basically good.

Greg Morrow, Resquiescat in Pace

Greg became a modern day prophet and a much needed reformer, Fr. Brankin said, because he loved Jesus, and the Bride of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church. Greg paid a price, Father said. He was often shunned by the very Church people he was trying so hard to help.

We will not know until our own Requiem just how much good Greg did with all his meetings, letters, stories, protests, pageants and infiltrations. But nearly every disorder in the Church over the past thirty years was carefully scrutinized by Greg, with an eye to correcting every one of them, from homosexuality in the Church to general absolution, all before many of us were fully aware of what was happening.

Greg was the St. Athanasius of our time. He poured himself, heart and soul, into trying to reform the Church and the society he was born into. Greg Morrow stories would fill volumes and Fr. Brankin put it right: “We will not soon see the like of Greg Morrow again.” A source of vast information, facts, encouragement and wisdom, Greg was sometimes a pain in the neck. And we already miss him. But he will be working still, to straighten thing out, from his new residence. With all our hearts we say to Greg, “Resquiescat in Pace.” And, oh, yes: “Thanks!”

League Protests Fay Clayton Talk

Wednesday night thirty pro-life activists protested with graphic abortion photographs outside the Am Shalom Synagogue in Glencoe, IL, where Fay Clayton and Sarah Love held fort with their dog and pony show. Fay repeated some of her creative arguments that didn’t go over too well in front of the Supreme Court. They did better before the audience in Glencoe.

Fay recognized the protest going on outside, which included a large color photograph taken of her in front of the Supreme Court last December with the word “Perjury?” Fay said, “If the protesters aren’t out there, then I wonder if it’s worth my being here.”

She told her audience, including some faithful pro-lifers she didn’t recognize, that abortion is losing in the courts and that “choice,” (as she calls decapitating babies), is being threatened. She did a countdown for her audience, showing that the original 7 to 2 of Roe is dwindling and could soon be possibly 5 to 4 against them.

She said that their Scheidler v. NOW loss in the U. S. Supreme Court didn’t matter because they still have a Federal FACE law, passed in 1994. This is the same alibi Fay used on the O’Reilly Factor back in February. She may even believe it.

More Lies and Anti-Catholic Bigotry

She called Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde a liar, and said he helped her win the Chicago trial because the jury didn’t like him. At the beginning of the macabre meeting of abortionists in a synagogue, Rabbi Steven Lowenstein pointed out that Reformed Jews worked tirelessly over the years to get contraception and abortion legalized and now are working to keep it legal, and that Jewish women have a long history of supporting abortion.

Most going into the talk were young Jewish women with bad language and contempt for our hand-outs and pictures. Sarah Love of NARAL said the “pro-choice” way of fighting for abortion is not “a campaign of harassment and terror like Joe Scheidler.” She also said that there was no such thing as a partial birth abortion, and that there is absolutely no link between abortion and breast cancer. The audience applauded these lies.

Terry Cosgrove of Planned Parenthood’s Personal PAC said that when Roe is overturned, “we will be the only state in the Midwest with legal abortion.” He also said the picketers outside were scary, and that when Roe is overturned abortion will become criminalized and people who donate money or have meetings like theirs will be criminals.

There was much misinformation and many lies during the Q&A session. We won’t bother to repeat it here. Cosgrove got a big hand when he mentioned that Planned Parenthood had fought to get Catholic hospitals to provide information on emergency contraception. Our sources said it was evident that the audience loved it when the Catholic Church is mentioned as having lost some kind of moral challenge, and appears to have compromised.

Our hat is off to the thirty stalwarts who came out to hold signs and pass out literature on a very cold Spring evening, and the ones who went inside. And by the way, the Glencoe police were great.

Democrats Push for Military Abortions

In Washington the Democrats are trying once again to get abortions onto military bases. The House of Representatives is considering an amendment to the military budget bill, by Loretta Sanchez, a California Democrat who proposed the same pro-abortion amendment last year. Abortions were allowed during the Clinton administration, but many military personnel refused to perform or take part in them. Only Republicans spoke out against the Sanchez amendment on the House floor.

Pro-Life Celebs to Join June 7th Gala

Get your reservation in for the gala “Bring America Back to Life” Banquet Saturday, June 7 at the Congress Plaza Hotel. For information about the full day of festivities to celebrate the pro- life victory in the Supreme Court, call us at 773-777-2900 or register online.

Among celebrities coming are Fr. Paul Marx, founder of Human Life International, Bernie Smyth of Northern Ireland, who has shut down nine abortion referral agencies in Belfast alone, Fr. Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, Rev. Ed Martin of Ocala, FL, Troy Newman of Wichita, Bob Newman of Pittsburgh, and on and on. Meanwhile, be sure to read Fr. Pavone’s endorsement of “Bring America Back to Life” on his web page. We’ll have more names on Tuesday.

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