Black Pro-Life Involvement Is Growing

The African American community all across America is coming to life — pro-life, that is. This was very clear two weeks ago at the LEARN Conference in Chicago where a score of mostly black speakers made it clear that abortion is very much on their minds and that the black communities are becoming involved in every facet of the movement.

Black Pro-Life Involvement Growing

This theme was stressed again last week when we spoke with Rev. Johnny Hunter in Washington, D.C. Dr. Hunter anticipates a swell in black involvement in the coming year.

Locally, we have another chance to hear some powerful speakers from this growing arm of the movement this Saturday, May 17, at the Pro-Life, Pro-Family Coalition Annual Seminar and Lunch at the Foster Park Elementary School, 8530 South Wood Street in Chicago from 9 AM to 2 PM. For information call Eleanor Crawford at 773 734-6777.

Hope for Pro-Life in Canada?

What’s going on up in Canada? A story in the May 2003 Interim of Jim Hughes says Rebecca Kiessling had her talk canceled at Sarnia College just a day before it was to be given. Kiessling, an American lawyer and mother, was going to give her personal observations on the grandeur of being alive after learning that her own mother had twice tried to abort her. The title of her talk: “Why I am happy to be alive.”

But persons at the college were horrified that she would dare talk about her personal views on life without having an opponent, apparently they want someone to counter her who is sorry to be alive and eager to present the positive side of being aborted.

A pro-life activist admitted that the rules are different for pro-lifers in most Canadian universities. Gay rights or pro-abortion speakers would have no trouble speaking without opposition. Once when your editor spoke at a Canadian high school, back when I was still allowed into Canada, I was booed off the stage for suggesting that a live baby was more interesting than a dead baby, and that chastity was better and even smarter for high school kids than being promiscuous. And that was at a Catholic school.

But Canadians, take heart. Ted Gerk, pro-life leader from British Columbia, says the future is indeed bright because the kids are coming. He alludes to a recent New York Times story, “Surprise, Mom: I’m Anti-Abortion.” While the pro-abortion movement ages and grays, Gerk says their own children are turning against them and becoming pro-life.

In the latest issue of the Interim , which is celebrating its first twenty years, a list of pro-abort actresses such as Jane Fonda, Amy Brenneman and others are countered by Emmy winner Patricia Heaton of Everybody loves Raymond fame who says that she will have to answer to God someday for her actions and also her inaction and that fact is a lot scarier than having someone in Hollywood not like you. Heaton works with Feminists for Life and appears in an ad that says, “Refuse to choose. Women deserve better.” Now there’s a woman who isn’t afraid of the truth.

Laci Peterson Family Supports “Unborn Victims of Violence” Bill

And speaking of truth, the Laci Peterson family is endorsing the federal “Unborn Victims of Violence” bill which would allow a violent crime against a pregnant woman to be treated as crimes against two separate people, which of course they are. Currently 26 states have similar laws while 24 states do not. The proposed bill just introduced on Capitol Hill would override state laws but it would only apply in federal cases.

California already has such a law and Scott Peterson has already been charged with two counts of murder in the case of his pregnant wife’s death. Laci’s parents are supporting the federal bill in honor of Laci and their grandson, Connor. The family wants the bill to be renamed Laci and Connor’s law.

Abortionists are fighting the bill. They fear it would impact abortion. Sen. Orrin Hatch, Utah Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, admits that it probably would have an impact on abortion law, but that the bill is needed to protect women and their children and should be passed.

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