A Happy Return To Appleton, WI

It was good being back in Appleton, Wisconsin over the weekend. Appleton played heavily in the early days of pro-life activism, when two ministers, Rev. Norman Stone and Rev. Jerry Horn became intensely interested abortion and working out of Appleton began a ministry to bring the plight of the unborn to national attention.

Appleton’s Proud Pro-Life History

To this end they held seminars and national conferences, covered the vicinity with literature, purchased a house next to the abortion mill and began a walk across America during which they preached and gave testimony wherever invited. We recall their major rally in Chicago at which singer Melody Green and other artists performed. At each stop they would have a tribute to the unborn killed in abortion, and carried with them bodies of about a dozen aborted babies reverently shown to the crowd in a prayerful memorial following their rallies.

Norm continued his walks and preaching and Jerry became more and more involved in education, working at present for Priests for Life. Jerry was assistant director of the League at one time.

Good To Be Back in Appleton

We recalled many of these events while in Appleton over the weekend though there are many new faces now in charge of the movement. But still living in the house next to the mill, however, is long-time activist Linda Noie and we joined Linda and fifty other pro-lifers in front of the mill and also on her lawn praying that the Wisconsin mill on North Gillette will soon be closed permanently.

Our understanding is that the abortion mill is still owned by Maggy Cage who was there twenty-some years ago and features in a film put out by NOW called The Holy Terror, an effort to disparage pro-lifers but which backfired by presenting pro-life as so well organized and fully capable of putting the abortionists out of business that they discontinued it. A number of the scenes in The Holy Terror involve Appleton and events that led to a celebrated trial in which Stone and Horn defended their showing of an aborted baby to abortion mill customers.

The Appleton years and events played heavily in the six week trial in Chicago in 1998, including a sign at the Priceright Motel where a PLAN convention was held and someone had placed on the marquee, “Pro-Life Activists: Have a Blast.” To the paranoid abortion crowd having a blast could only mean that pro-lifers were planning violence whereas “having a blast” is a common American slogan for having a good time, which we did. But people who submit a card saying “Choose Life” as a death threat don’t have any sense of humor.

We spoke before a gathering at Pope Pius X Catholic church and did a radio program while in Appleton area. We truly hope a contingent from Appleton can make it to our Bring America Back to Life rally here in Chicago on Saturday, June 7. They are certainly now aware of it.

Help Us Honor Pro-Life Leaders June 7

We will be sending out invitations to pro-life leaders who deserve special mention at the rally and banquet June 7, and would appreciate our Action News readers to help joggle our memories of pro-life heroes of the past and present, some who are no longer with us but have gone on to their reward, some who have been forced to retire from the activist movement, and those still doing God’s work unsung and unheralded. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Call or write or e-mail or fax or drop by and visit. We will greatly appreciate any help.

Patricia Ireland Is New YWCA President

Can you believe your ears? Militant pro-abortion fanatic Patricia Ireland is the new president of the Young Women’s Christian Association. About the only part of that title Ireland can claim is association. Former head of the National Organization for Women, Ireland says she’s going to see to it that the YWCA becomes focused on the things she thinks are important, like women’s empowerment. Enough said before we have to apologize for picking on a girl.

Three Bad Bills in Illinois

Back at the ranch, the three pro-abortion bills now before the Illinois State Senate still need your attention. Call your senator and say NO to House Bill 2486, the state FACE bill, NO to House Bill 211 the Insurance bill that would pay for abortifacient drugs and NO to House Bill 3589 that would pay for human stem cell research. For more info call Illinois Citizens for Life at 1-630-852-5448 or Illinois Federation for Right to Life at 1-866-465-2229.

Thank You, Sisters

One of the high points of winning the 8 to 1 victory in the Supreme Court has been letters cards and e-mails of support and encouragement. On Monday a card arrived with the signatures of fifty-one sisters in a Nashville convent. It made seventeen years of courtroom aggravation all worth while.

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