Media Assures Us That Plan B Is Not Abortifacient

The abortion gang is having an empowerment luncheon this Wednesday at the Fairmont Hotel, 200 North Columbus Drive, immediately north of Randolph Street. The sponsor of this macabre gathering is NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League.

Join Our Protest of Abortion Luncheon

The Pro-life Action League will protest outside the Fairmont with gory pictures and the words, “Choice is Abortion.” We invite you to join us. Meet us at the League Offices at 10:00 a.m. and drive down with us, or meet us outside the Fairmont. Signs will be provided.

We will give the abortionists a good look at their grizzly trade as they go into lunch, and hope to embarrass the Fairmont for hosting them. Do something for the babies. Help us defend them against their mortal enemies. Picket NARAL’s luncheon with us, Wednesday, April 30th at 11:15 a.m.

Great Speeches at LEARN Conference

We heard many great speeches over the past weekend. At the LEARN conference in Dolton., IL speakers were Elder Johnny Tyler, Dr. Johnny Hunter, Akua Furlow, Damon Owens and a Pastor Levon Yuille. The conference was held at the Lorimer Baptist Church in Dolton. We wish it had been better attended because the African-American community is coming alive to the whole pro-life movement. These spectacular speakers have the message that is going out to the community.

We were given the first annual Profile In Courage Award by Rev. Caesar LeFlore of LEARN Chicago. Later Saturday we heard Fr. Frank Pavone speak at a Christ Hospital protest and again at the Concerned Women for America Banquet in Joliet.

Humpty Dumpty Language on Abortifacients

A Chicago Tribune story by Dr. Lauren F. Streicher Sunday assures us that the morning-after pills, PREVEN and Plan B are not abortifacient, but contraceptives only. Yet pharmacists know that emergency contraception can cause early abortion. That’s one of the properties of the simple birth control pill and it says so on the package.

The article tries to confuse the reader by saying people are confusing these pills with RU-486 which is advertised as an abortifacient. But when pro-aborts talk about these pills preventing pregnancy, the redefine pregnancy to mean implantation. A woman is pregnant a week before implantation and whatever prevents implantation of a fertilized egg is an abortion.

Dr. Lauren Streicher is an instructor in obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern Medical School and has to know better. Like Humpty Dumpty, words mean whatever they want them to mean.

Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians Feel the Heat

A story in Saturday’s Chicago Tribune by Mike Dorning says Catholic politicians are feeling Church heat on the issue of Abortion. Named in the story as pro-abort Catholics who have taken heat from their bishops are California Gov. Gray Davis, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Edward Kennedy, and Illinois’ own Senator Dick Durbin.

The article says Republicans and even President George Bush are courting Catholic leadership, but admits that in these troubled times the Bishops’ influence is minimal. Mark Rozell of Catholic University says the Bishops’ censuring of Catholic politicians could even be counterproductive and cause a backlash that would help the pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

We say do it anyway, Bishops. It’s the right thing to do, and if doing what is right causes a backlash then let the backlash lash away. There’s more to life than avoiding backlash.

The General Assembly of Illinois is back in session and it is important that you contact your state senator to defeat three bills. House Bill 2486, the so-called “Illinois Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act” would allow anybody, anonymously, to bring action against a pro-lifer for in any way trying to dissuade a woman from having an abortion. This bill is outrageous.

House Bill 211 amends the Illinois Insurance Code and would require insurance policies to cover contraceptives and abortifacients, and House Bill 3589 would allow stem cell experimentation and Human Cloning. All three must go down so call your senator now.

All three bills have passed in the Illinois House and are ready for committee action in the state senate. If you don’t know your state senator, find out by calling Illinois Citizens for Life at 1-630-852-5448 or Illinois Federation for Right to Life at 1-866-465-2229, or visit the State of Illinois elections page.

If you call, and these bills pass, at least you did your best. If you call, and these bills are defeated, pat yourself on the back and have a hot fudge sundae to celebrate. We will.

New York Times Bias

An article by Mark Steyn in Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times chides the New York Times for it’s 95 stories hyping Martha Burke and the feminists protest of the Augusta National Golf Tournament and then having to admit that only two dozen showed up to protest.

Steyn breaks it down this way: Each of the 95 stories run by the Times engendered 0.10% of a supporter. There were five reporters for every protester and at least two police for each protester. Burk now threatens a boycott and Steyn points out that if her boycott is as successful as the protest, a company like Coca-Cola might stand to lose about nine hundred dollars in a year of boycotting by the ladies. We like that.

The New York Times, which is supposed to be the newspaper of record and whose front page dictates the agenda of the network news shows, never did a story on our Supreme Court victory. But it sure went overboard for the ladies’ non-event. Funny what bias can do to even the most influential newspaper in America.

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