More Than 1,000 Join Helpers Vigil

On Saturday more than seventeen hundred pro-lifers gathered in Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago to join Francis Cardinal George in celebrating Mass for the end of Abortion, and to commemorate the two million babies who have died in Chicago’s abortion mills since abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973.

Over 1000 Join Saturday’s Vigil

We prayed for the babies’ mothers, the government that allows this killing to continue, and the providers who continue the bloody slaughter. Following the Mass more than fifteen hundred marched up La Salle street to the Planned Parenthood slaughterhouse where prayers were said and songs sung.

Besides the many Rosaries, Joe Morris sang the Kaddish, the prayer for the dead. The Knights of Columbus lined the front of the mill and nine media outlets did interviews.

While a Chicago Tribune story by Colleen Mastony says about a thousand opponents of abortion prayed on the sidewalk outside a Chicago Planned Parenthood, she does admit that Chicago Police put the number at fourteen hundred. Numbers in Holy Name Cathedral were at least seventeen hundred and from where your editor stood to do the first reading it looked like Midnight Mass: standing room only.

Chicago’s Finest under the command of Commander Joe Griffin, were superb. They stopped traffic as the huge crowd made its way a total of sixteen blocks to the mill and back to Holy Name. Even Planned Parenthood called it one of the largest ever protests outside its mill at Division and La Salle streets.

Julie McCreevy who planned the event called the killing of the unborn a great and deep suffering. Others called Planned Parenthood a place of crucifixion.

Outrageous Pro-Abortion “Ministers” Respond

The pro-aborts had a gaggle of so-called religious leaders hiding behind the mill trying to convince one other that the majority of religious people are “pro-choice.” But all sane people know that religion and baby killing don’t mix and everyone with a brain cell still working knows that.

The Tribune story does describe those carrying large pictures of the Blessed Virgin and Jesus, but the prayerful, peaceful march is called intimidating by the pro-abort gaggle of so-called ministers. This charge fits neatly into their support for the unconstitutional House Bill 2486 being promoted in Springfield. It has “intimidation” as one of the actionable crimes. So we can see how this bill could be sued to stop peaceful processions like this.

Deathscorts Confounded

One of the usual sidewalk counselors said the gathering of more than a thousand more than a thousand people praying outside the mill shocked the deathscorts and changed the attitudes of the women going in. He felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and the whole experience made his faith stronger. The ‘Borts were confused. This counselor said he has been on a high all weekend because of what happened in front of the mill on Saturday. God is doing great work through the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, he said, and their spiritual energy is contagious.

Cardinal George was happy to learn that two babies were saved during the vigil, but said the papers will not report it. They probably won’t, but some one should remind them. Why not you, dear reader? E-mail or write the Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune, 435 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 600611.

How do we know two babies were saved? Well, two women slated for abortions came out and told our counselors that they had decided not to have their abortions. Is that good enough for the Tribune?

Pro-Abort Press Release Likens Cardinal George to Terorrist

The pro-abort press release is something you have to see to believe. We’ll send you a copy for the asking. They are still using the old line abut making the abortion decision after carefully consulting with her family and her doctor and her conscience and, of course, her god. Note that it is “her god,” not necessarily the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or the God who wrote on tablets of stone, “Thou shalt not kill.” No, any god will do.

These ministers are proud to be pro-choice and more than forty religious leaders, count ’em, forty, say it’s safer now but that Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance. Would that it were true. The complain that the prayer vigil made women feel intimidated and the press release calls “insidious” pro-life scientific claims that there is an abortion-breast cancer relation and such a thing as post-traumatic stress syndrome. One of the spokespersons for Planned Parenthood is their in-house chaplain the Rev. Randall Doubet King. That is scary.

House Bill 2486 Fight Continues

Stay tuned to Action News because it well may be that we have to travel to Springfield, Illinois one of these days soon to scuttle pro-abort efforts to pass a patently unconstitutional FACE bill that the pro-aborts want passed so they can scare pro-lifers from converting women outside their mills. Be prepared to roll.

We are sick and tired of the abortionist’s lies. How ridiculous to make Cardinal Francis George out as a terrorist, but they will stop at nothing. Lying is for them as natural as breathing. They are living a lie and to keep their death ethic and their blood-soaked abortion mills operating. They must be stopped and we can stop them in the Illinois Senate.

So, dear reader, should be ready to go into battle with us to see to it that the very hearts and minds of our legislators are changed from pro abort to pro-life. It can be done, with God’s help and your determination. And years from now you can tell your grandchildren and great grand children that you were part of the little band of brothers who traveled to Springfield and got the FACE bill defeated in the State Senate.

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