Scheidlers Join Priests for Life Truth Tour

Joe and Ann Scheidler will join pro-life activists from all over the country this weekend in New York City, taking part in Priests for Life‘s first annual Face the Truth Tour.

New York Truth Tour with Priests for Life

We will join up with them on their second day in Manhattan and their first day in Brooklyn. Call Tuesday for a report on this historic event.

While in Manhattan we will link up with Fr. Joe Looney of Connecticut, Jill Stanek of Chicago and Jeff White with 36 of his young “Survivors” from California. So far the tour has visited Staten Island and the Bronx. Its last stops are in Queens.

Chicago Truth Tour Plans Underway

Meanwhile, we are busy selecting sites for our upcoming tour in July, from the 9th through the 19th in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Keep those dates in mind.

The Truth Tour is one way to reach the public with the facts of abortion through bypassing the hostile, pro-abortion secular media. We couldn’t buy space for one of our pictures of an aborted baby for a million dollars, but we can hold them out on the public highway for all the drivers to see, for next to nothing.

The only real price is a little time and some foul language and a few coke cans thrown at us — a small price to pay for getting the truth out to the public.

The Threat of House Bill 2486

We are closely following the progress of House Bill 2486, the Illinois Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances or FACE bill in the Illinois General Assembly, that passed out of the House Monday by only two votes more than were needed.

This close margin of victory surely alerts the Senate to the seriousness of this patently unconstitutional bill. It would strip first amendment rights from sidewalk counselors and place them in danger of being falsely charged even by a decoy posing as a customer at an abortion mill. Pro-lifers could be anonymously charge with a violation, prosecuted and fined with no legal recourse.

In short, any abortion mill “entity,” as the bill puts it, could lie with impunity, which they do willingly, and the lie would be accepted over the pro lifer’s protest and even eyewitnesses. Anyone who would vote for such an evil law would have to be either hopelessly stupid or just plain evil. Take your pick.

We will be watching the progress of this bill closely so call us again on Tuesday. We pray that this diabolical bill will be thrown into the ash can of abandoned trick legislation.

Pro-Lifers in Other States, Beware

We advise callers from states other than Illinois to keep a close eye on state legislation designed to thwart the efforts of sidewalk counselors. NOW and other abortion advocates have publicly announced that they plan to use FACE to stop pro-life activities now that the RICO attempt has failed.

We are buoyed by the 8-1 Supreme Court Victory in our RICO case, but the pro-aborts are desperate to find other ways to prevent us from saving lives and turning women away from abortion mills. The clinics and their supporters do not want even one pro-lifer anywhere near their killing facilities.

Vigil for Life April 12

But on Saturday, April 12, the Planned Parenthood abortion facility at LaSalle and Division Streets in Chicago will see over a thousand pro-lifers praying for an end to abortion. Cardinal Francis George, archbishop of Chicago will celebrate Mass at Holy Name Cathedral at 8:00 a.m. that Saturday morning in a Helpers of God’s Precious Infants prayer vigil.

Fifteen hundred pro-lifers are expected to attend the Mass and to process to the Planned Parenthood facility for the rosary and other prayers, while sidewalk counselors talk with potential patients in front of the Planned Parenthood building. Babies have been saved at every Helpers Vigil in the Chicago archdiocese.

At the ceremony in Holy Name Cathedral a young woman whose life was changed by a sidewalk counselor will give her testimony and introduce her baby—saved from abortion. Cardinal George will give the mother and baby a special blessing.

We invite anyone in the Chicago area to join us at this Helpers Mass and Vigil. And we encourage other callers to institute Helpers Vigils in your area. For information on how to start a Helpers of God’s Precious Infants chapter, contact Julie McCreevy at 773-777-5303.

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