Remarks on Senator Moynihan’s Death and his abortion record

We always hesitate to speak ill of the dead, but when a person is canonized by every major pundit known to man, some truth is called for, just to set the record straight. By now Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan has been before the Just Judge and, whatever his present state, is in God’s hands. But here are some facts you will not read in any secular paper, but they are facts.

Moynihan and Abortion: The Facts

Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a Catholic who voted consistently in favor of Medicaid funding for abortion was a co-sponsor of the outrageous Freedom of Choice act in congress to guarantee legal abortion if Roe should be overturned. Moynihan consistently voted pro-abortion whenever the issue came before congress, but said he was personally opposed to abortion.

His pro-abortion stand did not bother the great minds of the Catholic academic freedom crowd. Moynihan frequently received plaudits and awards from Catholic institutions of higher learning such as the Jesuit University of San Francisco, and the University of Notre Dame.

In 1992 when Moynihan received the prestigious Laetare Medal at the Notre Dame graduation , yours truly led a picket of forty pro-lifers outside the Edmund Joyce Convocation Center, to protest the honor and to remind all those attending that this erstwhile Catholic was one-hundred percent pro-abortion. We were able to encourage some of the attendees to turn away from Moynihan when he received the coveted award.

A story in the June 25 issue of the Wanderer said John Cardinal O’Connor of New York and Bernard Cardinal Law of Boston both expressed disappointment that Moynihan had been selected for the award, as did Fort Wayne’ Bishop John D’Arcy who refused to attend the graduation ceremonies. Some of those attending the protest were Prof. Charles Rice of the Notre Dame Law Center and Democrats for Life Director Bernie Bauer. Dr. and Mrs. John Kelly of Oak Park, IL were there with a number of Notre Dame Alumni for Life. There were also strident pro-abortion students counter-demonstrating.

Moynihan was loved by some Catholics for his attention to civil rights and poverty, both commendable but safe issues. Pray for the immortal soul of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, but please don’t canonize him. He doesn’t quite deserve it.

Chicago’s Mayor Daley Needs Help

Another pro-abortion politician in the news, but this one very much alive, is Chicago’s Mayor Richard M. Daley, now newsworthy for his midnight terrorist attack on Meigs Field Sunday. By now everyone in America and probably around the world has seen the pictures or read the story of how Mayor Daley ordered big ugly three and four foot deep “X’s” and crosscuts gouged out with backhoes and bulldozers the full length of the runway at Chicago’s Meigs Field, the little airport on the edge of Lake Michigan.

His transparent excuse for this crime? Dangerous piper cubs that might run into tall buildings or crowds of people gathered for festivals. His real reason is that he wants another park. But we don’t think it’s necessary to go into his reason because there is no sense to this mayhem. But it does explain something: Richard M. Daley is troubled.

Would you believe that twenty years ago as a State Senator, Daley was pro-life? You could count on him to vote for a comprehensive anti-abortion bill. In fact he once flew back from visiting his little sick son, to assure us of an override vote. He supported our cause publicly. He argued with a gay rights group.

But when he became Mayor he sold out on the moral issues. Within a year he was calling for abortions at Cook County Hospital and riding in the gay pride parade. From a supporter of life and decency he became an enemy of both. Power went to his head and he became a big frog in the Chicago Pond. He got his way and made up his own rules, became intolerably arrogant and literally lost it.

Now he does whatever he wants and he has all his horses in a row. The police were out protecting his crime Sunday Night. The Democrat Governor, left out of the decision, kowtowed to his whim to destroy the airport and leave sixteen planes stranded — and embarrass Chicago before the whole world. Dick Daley needs help and the only help that will bring him back to normality is prayer. Pray for Richard M. Daley.

Draconian Illinois Bill Targets Sidewalk Counseling

Illinoisans, pray also for your state senator. In a week or two he or she will have to make one huge decision: whether to vote for or against a draconian state Freedom of Access to Abortion Clinic bill, which has the stench of the abortion crowd all over it. It is blatantly unconstitutional and no sane legislator anywhere could think twice about making it law, but who’s talking about sanity?

The gist of the bill which passed the House Monday 62- 41- 1 is that anyone who intimidates or interferes with any “entity” connected with an abortion mill, could have a civil suit brought against him complete with automatic monetary damages and legal fees, and the “entity” would start collecting big money right away. The aggrieved “entity” wouldn’t even have to give its name. Bazaar and unconstitutional, the Senate is having a first reading Thursday so, pro-lifers, contact your state senator and say no way. Do it right away.

One thing such an outrageous bill tells us is that we have the abortion crowd scared to death, with our sidewalk counseling and prayer vigils. They are working, and the ‘borts are trying anything to stop us. There hasn’t been any violence for a decade, so it’s really our counseling and prayer vigils that are driving the baby killers to create these communistic laws. They don’t want any babies to escape or any women to choose life. But they do strengthen one’s belief in the Devil, laws like this — don’t they?

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