Pro-Aborts Are Getting Desperate

The Borts are running scared. They lost big, as Bill O’Reilly said on his program following the Supreme Court’s 8-1 decision against NOW and the pro aborts. And they don’t like losing at all. Fay actually told the Fox News cameras to keep rolling following the program, so that if Scheidler should hit her it would be caught on film and would have his son (Young Joe was in the studio) as a witness. This from a woman who supports the killing of helpless unborn children.

Pro-Aborts Plan To Entrap Pro-Lifers with FACE

Now they are threatening to use the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance law to entrap pro-lifers. They have been so blatant in their intentions to use FACE that they are trying to put together a gaggle of attorneys to look for FACE violations to be prosecuted. We actually got a call from a company that insures people who get charged with crimes, suggesting that pro-lifers should all carry this insurance. They got the idea from a report on the radio last week.

We are not worried about this law, even though it is patently unconstitutional and will be overturned, but it is possible that pro-aborts in their desperation may make some false FACE charges against pro-lifers. The problem for them is that we can also charge them if they interfering with pro-lifers who have a basic right to counsel outside these mills. They too can be charged with FACE and we know of several pro abort FACE violations already in the works, and pro-life attorneys are looking for more cases of their harassment of pro-life counselors.

But it is always wise to be prepared so we suggest that in front of the mills you are always in twos so you will have a witness against their lies. Also, have a video camera handy, or at least a tape recorder. If you are harassed by a pro-abort or a customer, possibly a plant, or if someone joins your group and starts acting weird or causes trouble, call the police, and your lawyer, and get the person on tape with your own statement that you object to this behavior.

As we say, the Borts are now desperate. They wanted a sweeping national injunction against pro-lifers. They had it for a while, but now it is dismissed. Their plan to get at the so-called Kingpins, and bankrupt us as they admitted they wanted to do, is history. All they have left is a miserable little FACE law, a one at a time deal — not a sweeping net to catch the leadership.

The abortionists have to win these cases, because it is all they have. They do not believe in a spiritual reality, so they have to have their tawdry victories to make them feel useful. Fay has to win cases like NOW v. Scheidler, because that kind of victory is her bonum finem.

Also, she probably wants a judgeship someday, but this 8-1 defeat before the Supreme Court will probably end that dream, and she will be lucky to survive the blunder of contradicting herself before the Supreme Court, while playing her “I don’t really own my pen” game with Justice Scalia. And when all the truth of the trial comes out, Fay will be lucky to hold on to her practice. As Bill O’Reilly put it, NOW lost big. But not even O’Reilly or Fay know just how big they lost. We will be glad to show them.

Bring America Back to Life

Meanwhile, we are announcing a massive rally to Bring America Back To Life, to be held Saturday 7 June in the Federal Plaza, followed by workshops and a gala banquet in the evening, at a Michigan Avenue hotel near the rally site. Look for our April issue of Action News, with the back page announcement.

With RICO charges now scuttled, the injunction removed and damages dropped, our house back in our possession and no fear of losing our business, it’s full steam ahead. But we want thousands of pro-lifers across the nation returning to the mills, the abortionists offices, the local pro abortion politicians offices, pro-life leaflets distributed, long lines of Face the Truth teams out on the highways. Now is the time to bring on what Lincoln called a new birth of freedom.

Pro-lifers are experiencing this new birth all across America and it has even been felt in foreign lands. Our 8-1 victory in the Supreme Court is being called a mandate to renew activism. We know that a time will come in America when abortion will be viewed just as slavery is: outrageous, outlandish and outlawed. As George Gip is reported to have said, ” I don’t know where I’ll be then, but I’ll know about it. And I’ll be happy.”

Unspeakable Evil

We just got our copy of NARAL Pro-Choice America’s latest edition of “Who Decides,” a state by state review of abortion and reproductive rights, 12th edition, 2003. Talk abut sick. Reading this book of statistics, charts and graphs, and abortion hype makes one wonder how low a society can sink when it records killings as victories, and lives saved as defeats. It reminds one of the records kept by the Nazis at the death camps, meticulous, careful and unspeakably evil.

But with your prayers and hard work, some day NARAL Pro Choice America will cease its grizzly work, and the only place you’ll find “Who Decides” will be on dusty shelves of used book stores, where some student will buy it to prove in a term paper that at one time America was that depraved.

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