Pro-Life Legal Victories in California and Indiana

Chicago weather report: Our two degrees above zero at 6 a.m. Monday was the coldest March 10 since 1892.

AMA Blinded by Abortion

Dr. John Shea of Memphis, TN wrote the American Medical Association to complain of their siding with pro-abortion NOW in the RICO suit against us. Shea rightly pointed out that doctors take an oath not to give an instrument to cause an abortion and pledge to do no harm. “I would think this would put the AMA on the side of those opposing abortion,” Shea reasons.

But just like the ACLU and other organizations that pretend to support the little guy, the sick and helpless, their need for abortion blinded them to their own principles. But we applaud Dr. Shea for his letter, as we do all who wrote on our behalf.

Partial Birth Abortion in Newsweek

Editors of Newsweek‘s March 17 issue probably didn’t mean to do it, but in a “Politics” two-page spread they picture in living color a baby in the womb, a late term aborted baby resting on an American flag and a sketch of one phase of the partial birth abortion. The story by Debra Rosenberg discusses the partial birth abortion procedure and efforts in Congress to outlaw this draconian method of killing babies.

The story makes it clear that abortion promoters are scared to death that if this ban passes in Congress Bush will sign it and one procedure will be outlawed and then the deluge. She quotes abortionists saying that, “it’s an attempt to ban the procedure one method at a time.” Rosenberg points out that partial birth abortions are so horrible that, “even abortion supporters like Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan signed on.”

The article ends by suggesting that even if partial birth abortion is outlawed by Congress and signed by the President, the courts will probably hold it up, but Rosenberg concludes “even if abortion foes lose in the courts, gaining points with the public could be the biggest win of all.” Hearings on the partial birth abortion ban began in the Senate on Monday.

Pro-Life Victory in California

Another win for pro-life activism is a case in Napa, CA against pro-life abortion mill protester Ross Foti. The case has just been decided against Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, who was trying to keep Foti 15 feet away from one of their abortion mills, claiming that he was prohibited by 1995 injunction against Operation Rescue California. A court of appeals said Foti is acting on his own volition, and is not part of the restricted group.

Life Legal Defense Fund’s Katie Short said Planned Parenthood has tried for years to establish that all it needs to do is get an injunction against one pro-lifer, and use that to stifle free speech all across the land. The strategy backfired — again.

Indiana Law Held Up Again

The recent pro-life victory in Indiana, approval of an 18-hour waiting period and in-person abortion counseling, is being held up until 30 April by Marion County Superior Court Judge David Dreyer. Earlier the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago had upheld the restrictions as constitutional.

Pro-life activist Daniel Steiner says the delay constitutes a tragic deprivation of vital information for women considering abortion. Meanwhile, the Indiana State Attorney General’s office has asked Dreyer to step down. They gave no reason. Dreyer has agreed.

Father Murders Baby He Wanted Aborted

In Norristown, PA, Henry Hohberger has admitted that he shook his new daughter to death after he failed to talk the baby’s mother into having an abortion. Hohberger had tried four times to force his girlfriend to have an abortion, but she said she could not go through with it, and left the mill on all four occasions. But while she was out of their apartment, Hohberger shook the baby to death, leaving the baby girl with two skull fractures and eye hemorrhages.

Abortionist Appreciation Day

Believe it or not, there is actually a day for honoring baby killers. Yes, right here in the good old U. S. of A. somebody set March 10 to honor men and women who decapitate, disembowel, and suck the brains out of helpless, innocent children. They have been having this ghoulish celebration for eight years. It is called NDAAP, or the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. Little packs of sickos are celebrating around the country.

True, there are 40% fewer baby killers today than there were twenty years ago, and 87 percent of the counties in the US have no provider, most medical students don’t want to do abortions when they get their MDs, only a quarter of medical schools teach abortion and 85 % of chief residents in family medicine programs have not done abortions.

Still, these little covens get together and honor the killers. Wonder if there is a group to honor dads who shake their babies to death. It would be just as logical as having a special day to honor abortion providers. Think about it.

Please Pray . . .

Pray for Melody Green of Last Days Ministries, and a dear pro-life friend of ours who suffered a stroke on March 3rd. She is recovering but needs your prayers. Pray also for Eric Stephen Bower, who is hospitalized following cancer surgery. Eric is in good spirits but needs your prayers.

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