Use This Victory To Become More Active

Congratulations Pour In

Many friends and even some strangers from all over the world have been in touch with us this last week joining us in thanking the Lord for this great 8-1 victory over the abortionists. We’ve had calls from Rome, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, Australia, France, you name it.

We’ve heard from little old ladies in tennis shoes and bishops. We are trying to thank everyone one who prayed for this victory and who has contacted us. We’ve received Bailey’s Irish Cream, Champagne, flowers, balloons and even a box of pears.

Turn Victory into Action

Victory is good, but it now has to be used, so we are telling everyone to get more active. We see this as a mandate from the Supreme Court to exercise our first amendment rights to go out and save babies and their mothers at the abortion mills, and take the abortion battle to the streets in Truth Tours, leaflets and peaceful demonstrations. We must not waste this new found freedom. It can save lives.

Another Abortionist Quits

An abortionist in Texas, Peter Kropf, told pro-lifers there that he no longer has the heart to commit any more abortions. Those are his words: “commit abortions.” Chris and Sheri Danze and their supporters got Kropf to quit. They just wouldn’t give up and their persistence paid off.

More than nine hundred abortionists have quit the business in the past twelve years, and abortion mills have gone from a high of nearly three thousand down to just over six-hundred. The liberals try to say we’re not making progress, but they know the truth that they are losing the battle to keep abortion legal. Read Mark Crutcher’s Access if you want to know how bad it is inside the abortion industry. They are desperate.

Their utter desperation was seen recently on Fox TV’s The O’Reilly Factor when Fay Clayton, attorney for the losers in the 8-1 Supreme Court ruling Feb. 26 , tried unsuccessfully to make it appear that winning the RICO suit wasn’t important since there is still a FACE law. This is nonsense and O’Reilly said as much. Fay didn’t fool anyone. She lost bad, as the headlines proclaimed. Stand by for more abortion defeats.

John Leo on ACLU Hypocrisy

We have collected a whole stack of columns, editorials and media statements overwhelmingly approving of the recent supreme Court ruling in our favor. One that was especially interesting to us appears in the March 10 issue of U. S. News and World Report. It’s by John Leo entitled “Protection for Protesters.” The cartoon on the page depicts three sinister Mafia types with Tommy guns and in their midst a little guy holding an “End Abortion” sign.

Leo says that after 17 years of litigation the Supreme Court ruled that anti-abortion protesters can’t be punished as racketeers under the loosely worded and maddeningly vague Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Leo points out that RICO allowed mostly low level offenses to be lumped together and seen as a broad conspiracy. People who join in sit ins could lose their homes and businesses and spend years in a federal prison.

He shows that NOW redefined property by saying a woman’s right’ to abortion and an abortionist right to do abortions was property. Why such a lopsided vote, Leo asks. The court is aware that RICO could be used against other protesters.

But what we like most about John Leo’s column is his accurate appraisal of the noble American Civil Liberties Union who pretends to defend the Constitution. The ACLU has had a hard time coping with RICO, Leo says. It came out against it, then waffled, admitting that sympathy for abortion caused it to drop its guard on the serious violation of political freedom. “It is ACLU policy to oppose RICO , but anti-abortion tactics sort of fit, so they didn’t fight it when it was used against pro lifers.” Leo comments, “In other words, RICO is totally bad but sort of useful.” But now that the court has forbidden the abortion lobby from using RICO as a club, the ACLU might feel free to return to a principled position.

Cardinal Francis George’s Statement

Here is part of the statement by Francis Cardinal George of Chicago:

The supreme court decision in favor of Joseph Scheidler and other pro life demonstrators is welcomed by all who support the American principle of peaceful protest against human rights violations and social injustice. . . . If the courts had been used to stop organized sit-ins at lunch counters in the sixties, there would have been no civil rights movement. . . . I am grateful to the defendants who endured tremendous adversity to uphold the principle of freedom of speech for all Americans. I am grateful to the eight members of the Supreme Court who restored common sense to this area of the law.

Meanwhile we are planning our major Bring America Back to Life Rally for June. Stay tuned.

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