League Celebrates Victory With 50+ Interviews

This has been a busy week. As soon as the news reached us Wednesday that the Supreme Court had handed down a ruling in our case, and that the figure was eight to one, the phones began ringing literally off the hook and practically stayed off the hook for, as of this Hotline, at least fifty interviews — possibly more because everyone was doing interviews — plus dozens of calls of congratulation; people wanting a run down; who was the dissenting justice (John Paul Stevens); how did we get Ginsburg, Briar and Souter; did this mean it’s final; do we get out house back; and are you now going to sue NOW.

Our front office coffee table is decked with vases of flowers, boxes of fruit, a bottle or two of Campaign. We have issued a thank you note to go to all those on our mailing list and are trying to acknowledge those who sent congratulations, so you will be hearing from us. Also, we hope to have our newspaper out by the second week in March. This will be a thorough wrap up of the decision. Meanwhile, visit this website and keep calling Action News for breaking news.

Fay Runs Amok on O’Reilly

Among the fifty or so interviews we did, easily the most unpleasant was The O’Reilly Factor Thursday night with Fay Clayton, the attorney for NOW and the abortion mills. Before the show O’Reilly asked that we not speak over one another, but promised he would give us each an equal amount of time to argue our points.

Well, it didn’t turn out that way. When the show began O’Reilly called on Fay and she began ranting and raving about not needing RICO since they had gotten Congress to pass the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance law, and that would do the job. O’Reilly didn’t buy that nonsense and got into a fight over this and the whole show–except for a few moments in which I was allowed to speak–consisted of Fay gesticulating, pointing at me, and trying to pull some kind of victory out of an 8 to 1 defeat for her clients.

Before the show even began I said to Fay that the Court’s decision pretty well ended the case and she said something like “Oh, you think so?” suggesting that she would try to interfere all along the way. At the end of the show she even suggested that the camera should stay on as she left because I might violate FACE right then and there and she wanted evidence. She even suggested that she might call my own son, Joe, who was in the studio, to be a witness.

If you saw the show you realized that Fay had the lions share of the time and O’Reilly didn’t follow his own rules. Apparently that is fairness according to the secular media: Let the liberals rant and rave and keep the conservatives quiet. Next time, Bill, all deals are off. But at least it was clear who was the sore loser and who was a gentleman. Fay is no gentleman.

Wide Editorial Support of Court Decision

Excellent editorials appeared supporting us, in newspapers across the land, including both Chicago dailies and the Wall Street Journal. The Journal did a piece on how Senator Charles Schumer must be unhappy with this ruling because it will make his amendment to deprive pro lifers of declaring bankruptcy if saddled with enormous damages, unconstitutional. We wish it would make Charlie Schumer unconstitutional.

The Wall Street Editorial concludes, “Congressman Chris Smith (R, NJ) who refused to buckle to Mr. Schumer last year despite business lobbying pressure, now has the Supreme Court on his side. But the biggest winner is the right of all Americans, left or right, to protest under the First Amendment.” When we are in New York in April we plan to picket Charlie Schumer’s Brooklyn offices, complements of the United States Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, we are looking for a large hall in or around Chicago in which to hold our “Bring America Back to Life” rally in June. So stay tuned.

House Approves Cloning Ban

The House of Representatives approved of a total ban on all cloning Thursday by a vote of 241 to 155. This means both so called therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning would be banned. An effort to exempt therapeutic cloning to allow experimentation was defeated 231 to 174.”Life is not a commodity,” said Rep. Sue Myrick (R, NC). She said so-called therapeutic cloning would be “no different than Nazi experimentation.”

The bill is expected to have more trouble in the Senate where Republicans lack the 60 votes needed to end debate and force a vote. Too bad that the Democrats are so committed to killing babies. What was once the party of the little guy is now the party of abortion. Old time Democrats like my own grandfather must be spinning in their graves. It was once a good party, but that was long ago.

More Slander from the Pro-Aborts

Do we smell a law suit against the aborts? This from the Religious Coalition For Reproductive Choice regarding Wednesday’s supreme Court ruling: “Operation Rescue and similar groups have engaged in violence and intimidation for many years, often in the name of their concept of religion and justifiable murder. Joe Scheidler and his ilk are domestic terrorists, who target women’s health clinics.” Watch it, ladies, and all those members of the so-called Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, those humanists, the Lutheran Women’s Caucus, Jewish Women, Unitarians, United Church of Christ, Women Rabbis, etc.

Must be a great religion that allows and supports the killing of helpless, innocent children. Religion is a relationship with God. This sounds more like a relationship with Satan. Pray for them, while we look into the liability of their statement.

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