Protest Al Sharpton’s Sermon at St. Sabina

Al Sharpton is pro-abortion. This must be firmly grasped or nothing wonderful can come from the plans now being made.

Al Sharpton’s Pro-Abortion Credentials

Al sharpton is a Pentecostal black minister ordained in 1964 at the age of ten who has announced his intention to run for President of the United States on the Democrat ticket.

He told a meeting of the National Abortion Rights Action League on January 22, the 30th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade abortion decision, that when he confronted a woman who told him no Christian could support abortion, “Young lady, it is time for the Christian right to meet the right Christians.” Apparently Al thanks right Christians support abortion–he does.

Al Sharpton To Give Homily at Catholic Mass

The reason we mention Sharpton is that this Sunday, February 9, the Rev. Al Sharpton will be delivering the sermon during Mass at St. Sabina’s Roman Catholic Church at the invitation of Rev. Michael Pfleger.

There is of course an established policy in the Archdiocese of Chicago that no pro-abortion speaker may use church property under any circumstances. This issue was raised by state senator Patrick O’Malley when pro-abortion speakers were permitted to use St. Alexander’s in Palos Heights.

It was raised again in parishes in Oak Park and Inverness and when pro-abortion singer Harry Belafonte spoke in Pfleger’s church in January. According to Sharpton, this will be his first talk in a Catholic church but he says that Fr. Pfleger is a different kind of Catholic priest.

Belafonte, at his talk at St. Sabina’s in January, told the congregation George Bush might try to deny women their right to have an abortion. And even if Sharpton doesn’t speak on abortion as he puts current events into historical and spiritual perspective, the problem still exists that only a bishop, priest or deacon is allowed to give the sermon, and even Sharpton’s ordination at ten years of age might not meet the qualifications. And as a pro-abortion candidate for president his presence is a disgrace.

Chicago Pro-Life Activists To Protest Sharpton Appearance

In any event a coalition of pro-life activists from the Chicago area will meet in front of St. Sabina’s at 10:30 sharp Sunday morning, February 9 to protest this travesty. Bring your rosary and your singing voice. Sabina’s at 1210 west 78th place a block west of Racine, or 78th and Troupe.

We will only picket for an hour, so anyone going to Conrad’s luncheon at the Crystal Palace in Park Ridge will make it there in plenty of time. Conrad’s event is at 1:00 p.m. There is a chance that Conrad’s speaker, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, head of Human Life International, may join us at the prayer vigil at St. Sabina’s. We’re going to invite him when we see him Saturday.

Shame on Notre Dame

In other news, while we’re discussing outrages against decency and Catholicism, we should mention again that the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, is once more sponsoring the filthy sex play dealing with positive attitudes toward lesbianism and pedophilia.

The filthy play, whose name we don’t even want to mention, is showing with the consent of the powers that be as a sop to the drama department who apparently think anything goes at Notre Dame, so long as it can be glommed under the heading, “drama,” and given the green light under the euphemism “academic freedom.”

Why don’t they just open their own X-rated movie house on campus under the guise of academic freedom? I doubt if there would be much opposition.

We have been asked to do our usual thing and go down and protest, but to tell you the truth, I’m getting just a little tired of trying to reform our Catholic colleges. What ever happened to the office of campus ministries or the Knights of Columbus or even the decent Catholic faculty or concerned Catholic students?

When Monica Miller and I went down in a blizzard last year to protest the same dirty play, we were treated like dirt, had our flyers confiscated (though returned to us), got almost no support–and this year they’ve still brought the dirty play back on campus anyway. So why don’t you, dear caller, go down and save Notre Dame, or at least give them a call. Just ask for Monk Molloy. That’s 574-631-5000. They’ll put you right through.

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