Face the Truth Tours Are Growing

Mark Crutcher’s Life Talk for January features your editor and Fr. Frank Pavone discussing the importance of the Face the Truth tours. These tours are developing all over the country this spring and summer.

Face the Truth Is Growing

Brutal as the truth is and unpleasant as the graphic pictures are, pro-life leaders are becoming convinced that the truth must be shown, not just spoken about and are taking these tours all over America. More and more pro-lifers who are coming to realize this and are biting the bullet of criticism, especially the constant complaint that some one’s children might see the pictures, and planning tours of their own.

The “Children shouldn’t have to look at these pictures” mantra is constant on every tour and about all that can be said is that we don’t target children, we do put up warning signs and the truth sometimes hurts but has to be told and in this case shown. If we don’t show these pictures we will have to take the blame for the continuation of the American holocaust.

Most pro-lifers out on the highways have reconciled these complaints and settled that matter and gone on to be true devotees of the truth tour program. In fact, many of the people holding the signs are children who are often younger that the ones driving by with their parents.

We suspect that the over reaction by the parents is sometimes the cause of any disturbance the child may experience. Young people usually take the pictures in stride and don’t think much about them, but if the parents get upset it upsets the child. A reasonable parent answers the child’s questions and doesn’t make a big fuss over the people showing the pictures.

Pro-Abortion Politicians Honored at Catholic Churches

A number of years ago I was invited to Sacramento to protest at an ecumenical ceremony for pro-abortion governor elect Pete Wilson’s inauguration. While protesters marched outside the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, a small group of us went inside the cathedral to pray. And hold up a sacrilege banner. We were all arrested, but we made a statement that you don’t honor pro-aborts in Catholic churches. Later we won a settlement from the Pete Wilson for governor committee for denying us the right to pray in our own church.

Albin Rhomberg has carried out many similar missions where Catholic churches are being used to honor pro-abortion politicians. We protested in 1983 when governor Tony Earl was honored at St. Raphael’s cathedral in Madison, WI, while George Wirz was bishop and have protested such activities elsewhere across the nation. In Michigan just recently pro-lifers protested at pro-abortion Catholic governor Jennifer Granholm’s pre-inaugural ceremony held in a Catholic church.

And Friday we got word that the new governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius, a militant pro-abortion Catholic whose campaign received thousands of dollars from late term baby killer George Tiller, will be honored Monday, January 13, at the Church of the Assumption in Topeka Bishop James Patrick Keleher is upset about her use of the church and says he wanted it moved, but since they won’t change it, then at least the ceremony should be spiritual, and not political. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep a gubernatorial inauguration from being political.

Ever wonder why cardinals wear red and bishops were purple? It’s because they are supposed to be the stuff of martyrs, walking in the footsteps of Christ and the apostles. Keleher may be unhappy, but it is his call to make. It’s his church. Anyone for a quick trip to Topeka?

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