Teacher Spends Summer with Generations

John Jansen and Family

John with wife Jocelyn and daughter Theresa on tour
[Photo by EJS]

My former classmate and good friend John Jansen came to work with Generations for Life during the summer, his time off from teaching high school. John compiled our GFL school database, wrote several “Life Topics” for the GFL Curriculum and was a valuable help whenever I needed advice or someone to bounce ideas off of.

John also helped out with several other projects at the League. He was indispensable during the Face the Truth tour, contacting parishes and sending out flyers before the tour, and driving the rental van and helping set up at each site. John often took the loneliest and remotest positions, holding warning signs well in advance of the graphic display with his Rosary or Bible.

John is now back in the classroom, teaching religion at his new position at Northridge Prep. John reports that while he enjoys his new job, he misses the League more than he had anticipated and looks forward to working with us again next summer.

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