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Letters of congratulation on our Supreme Court victory have continued to pour into our office, along with the usual mail about our work saving the lives of unborn babies. We appreciate all of these letters and print as many of them as we can in each issue of Action News. Letters related to our youth outreach program can be found in the Generations News section.

Dear Joe,

What you and your family have been through reminds me of bible stories where God challenges His people; in turn, His people are faithful to Him. In the end, His followers are victorious with God!

Thank you for your leadership in the battle for the lives of unborn babies and their mothers and fathers. Thank you for your Godly beliefs and living them to the fullest. You, your family, staff and attorneys give us a lot of hope. I’m getting teary now.

In Christ,

Anita J. Battle, San Antonio, TX
Dear Joe,

My sincerest congratulations on your great victory! You are surely doing God’s work. And the Lord will be very good to you—in fact, I think you will be going straight to Heaven where you can pull me in!

So keep up your good work and don’t waste your time responding to this letter.

In Domino,

Fr. Paul B. Marx, OSB, Collegeville, MN

Dear Joe, Ann, family and staff,

Any and all words seem insufficient to describe the joy and gratitude we all feel with your 8-1 victory. We knew you and the babies would win! Thank you Lord, praise you Lord Jesus, thank you dearest Blessed Mother and St. Joseph and all you angels and saints!

May God continue to bless all of you and all you do.

With admiration and affection,

Virginia and Dennis Lyle, Oak Lawn, IL

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Hi Joe and Eric,

Roisin here from Dublin. Back to work and reality for me today unfortunately! At least the sun is shining.

Just a flying email to say what an honour and privilege it was for myself to attend the victory celebrations last Saturday. It truely was an inspiring event and one which I will talk about for a long time to come. Not only was it wonderful to be attending a pro-life legal victory celebration (what is seldom is wonderful!) but the encouragement and enthusiasm I now feel to put renewed vigour into fighting for our own “impossible dream” in Ireland is immeasurable. I really mean that. Thanks so much to you both and your families for the hospitality also.

Please God we will see ye all again soon.

God bless.

Roisin Caulfield, Dublin, Ireland
Dear Joe and Ann,

Thank you for the good news of the Supreme Court. As you said in your letter there is so much more to be done. I look forward to participating in the Face the Truth Tour. I hope to bring some of my children to meet you.
Your friend in Christ,

Gene Kania, Wheaton, IL
Dear Joe,

I admire your bravery, commitment, and dedication. Some years back, the Lord put it in me to plunge into rescue and that led to meeting Joan Andrews and joining her in rescue in England and then (without Joan) in Brazil. This was around 1989-1990. During this time, I read the book written about her, which was essentially her letters from prison. One of the letters was from you to her. It stays in my mind.

It’s hard for me to stay peaceful these days the evil is so outrageous and arrogant. Fay Clayton is like an icon of it all. My prayer for both of us is to keep our eyes so thoroughly on Jesus that Satan’s darkness is annihilated by the Light of Christ.

Continue to “fight the good fight!”

Richard Regan, Arlington, MA

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Dear Mr. Scheidler,

I think you are doing a very good and honorable mission, and that our dear Lord is very pleased with you and your group. I also am happy to know that the Supreme Court was in your favor. “God casts down the proud and exalts the humble” (from Our Lady’s Magnificat).

I understand that you need a lot of financial help, but as you know, I am a Religious Sister and don’t have the means to send you anything very often. I am enclosing a donation because I received a gift from someone at Easter. Be assured of my prayers for your success. May God be praised!

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,

Sr. Augustine Pirrone, M.S.C., Philadelphia, PA
Dear Joe,

God bless you for all you have done to save the angels from heaven from being slaughtered. God will not let you down. You are truly a soldier of Christ, and your blessings will come. Do not be discouraged—you have the prayers of so many, and I will keep on praying for you. It’s always darkest before dawn. Keep up your hope and love for the babies.

Yours in Mary,

Betty Peterson, Tinley Park, IL
Dear Joe,

After reading your letter of April 29, 2003, I’m convinced you have to go on the offensive. You should be charging interest on the $70,000 that is being withheld and the monies due you from litigation. It would seem to me that compiling the judicial costs would be the first item looked into after winning your Supreme Court case.

Your friend,

Gerald Schmitt, Grand Rapids, MI
Dear Mr. Scheidler,

Congratulations for having won 8-1 your Court case with the notorious NOW! You deserve it for all your hard work to save the precious babies. I know it was your good prayers and those of many others that helped you through this great trial.

I’ll continue my prayers for you and all other Right to Life organizations. I hear from many organizations, and they are all having the same financial problems! I hope your troubles with Fay and finances will soon be over.


Sister Evelyn Marie, Elwell, SC
Dear Joe and Ann,

Sometimes I think the pro-abortion people don’t realize just how horrible an abortion is; it’s just a word to them. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to require them to observe an actual abortion, experience the sights and sounds, also the aftermath, the guilt, and suffering by the mother later on? Senators and congressmen, especially, should see what they are putting into law. Maybe some minds would be changed.

Betty Dingle, Madison, OH

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Dear Joe,

This very morning I offered my Mass for you and the League. I have a personal devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory; I am sure they will pray for you. As for Fay, I will pray for her conversion. Christ died for all sinners, after praying for them.

May your Holy Angels accompany you and the League.

With sincere affection,

Rev. Joseph Favotto, CS, Sun Valley, CA
Dear Mr. Scheidler,

I am sorry that I could not make it to your victory party. I wanted to thank you for your dedication and selflessness in defense of the unborn. You have truly been an inspiration to me. From my first involvement in the movement with Crossroads, meeting you and hearing you talk, I sensed your genuine desire to cooperate with God’s grace to stop the scourge of abortion. I have always carried that with me. You always told us that the greatest weapon against abortion is prayer and I have always tried to remember this.

Because of prayer and your faithfulness, God has blessed you with victory. You are a testament of God’s faithfulness to us as well. Thank you for accepting the cross and for not backing down! My prayers are always with you and your family. May Our Lady of Victory always be with you.


Adam Redmon, Stafford, VA
Dear Joe,

You must cancel your so-called “Victory Party” until you know all this business that is going on because of Fay is ended. That party is going to be expensive and you can not hold it in light of what is happening now.

I’ve been in the League longer than I can remember and I am very confused as to why you would want to put one on anyway since it is not a real victory, as abortion still goes on and the Catholic Church is not speaking out against it from the pulpit.

I must refuse to send you any more money until I get a straight answer on what is going on. What is the correlation between a victory party, Fay, and you needing money so quickly?

John Griffin, Waukesha, WI

Editor’s Note: Eric Scheidler has responded to John Griffin’s concerns in “Why We Celebrate”, in this issue of Action News.

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