League Infiltrates Fay Clayton Talk at Synagogue

Am Shalom Protest

Protesters Julie McCreevy, Joe Scheidler, Mary Higgins and Ann Scheidler with Fay Clayton / Perjury signs
[Photo by Eric Scheidler]

Four “spies” from the Pro-Life Action League infiltrated a talk by NOW lawyer Fay Clayton and NARAL lawyer Sarah Love at Am Shalom synagogue in Glencoe, IL on May 21 as pro-lifers protested outside the event. The event was sponsored by Personal PAC, a political action committee that supports pro-abortion political candidates. Clayton and Love told their audience of about one hundred that “abortion rights” are under threat in the U.S.

During her portion of the talk, Clayton railed against “physical attacks” at abortion clinics. She called Pro-Life Action League National Director Joe Scheidler “violent” and called NOW v. Scheidler witness Congressman Henry Hyde a “liar.” She told her audience that Joe Scheidler is doing “mean, nasty, ugly things.”

Meanwhile, along the street outside the synagogue, the group of over two dozen pro-lifers held signs showing what’s truly mean, ugly and nasty: abortion. They also held signs showing Fay Clayton outside the Supreme Court after last December’s oral arguments. Beside her face in the picture someone is holding up the cover of an issue of World magazine with the large headline, “Perjury?” on the abortionists’ dubious testimony in NOW v. Scheidler.

Fay Boasts of Her Stall Tactics

Fay Clayton boasted to her audience, which included the four pro-life moles, about her efforts to hinder implementation of the 8-1 Supreme Court decision in the Circuit Court, saying that the case is not over. Despite the fact that this effort could only be pursued with the help of sympathetic appellate judges, Clayton insisted that the pro-abortion side is losing support in the courts. She did a countdown for her audience, showing that the original 7 to 2 of Roe v. Wade is dwindling and could soon be 5 to 4 against them.

Am Shalom Protest

One of the “scary” protesters outside Am Shalom synagogue
[Photo by Eric Scheidler]

Sarah Love, who also worked on the NOW v. Scheidler case, bewailed pro-lifers’ “campaign of harassment and terror.” The reality, of course, was plainly visible outside: peaceful pro-life protest of the real terror, which is the murder of innocent unborn babies. Love claimed that there is no such thing as partial birth abortion, and denied any link between abortion and breast cancer.

“When Roe Is Overturned”

A telling insight into the mounting fears of abortion advocates came when Terry Cosgrove, the executive director of Personal PAC, speculated on what the legal status of abortion in Illinois will be “when Roe is overturned.” Cosgrove commented, “I hate to say ‘when’ rather then ‘if,’ but we will be the only state in the Midwest with legal abortion.” Referring to the picketers outside the synagogue, which included senior citizens and young children, Cosgrove said, “The people out there are so scary. They want to take away all our rights.”

Glencoe resident and Jewish convert to Christianity David Wasserman alerted the Pro-Life Action League to the event. Despite having a reservation, he was barred from attending the talks and joined the League’s protest instead. Wasserman called for the resignation of Am Shalom’s Rabbi Steven Lowenstein for his support of abortion in a letter to the Glencoe News, where public debate about the issue has persisted for weeks after the picket. This level of local interest illustrates the value of such small-town protests and the important role of local media in keeping the abortion issue before the public.

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