Eric Scheidler Speaks on Faith, Family and the Legacy of Abortion

Eric Scheidler

To invite Eric to speak, call him at 773-251-8792 or write eric@prolifeaction.org. [Photo by Nate Scheidler]

League Communications Director Eric Scheidler spoke to several audiences in Illinois and Indiana in recent months on issues of faith, family and openness to life. On January 10 he spoke to a group of fifty young adults at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church in Chicago on the impact of Roe v. Wade on their generation, the first to be targeted by the abortionists.

On March 15 he spoke to a young adults conference at the Newman Center of Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL on how Christ’s words at the Last Supper, “This is my body, given up for you,” are echoed within the family. The next day he addressed a small but faithful audience at St. Joseph Catholic Church in LaPorte, IN on the importance of openness to life.

On March 23 he spoke to several hundred teens and their parents at a Chicago area parish on “The Top Ten Ways To Lose Your Faith,” with tips on how to stay Catholic. Back in Dekalb County on April 9, Eric spoke on the spiritual dimension of parenthood at St. Catherine Catholic Church in Genoa.

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