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Dear Joe,

No, the American people do not like abortion when they see it, and they will go out of their way, even to the point of absolute denial, not to see it. Your campaigns are vital along with the work of groups like the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and its abortion truck campaign. No one who is serious about telling the truth about abortion can deny that there is a massive conspiracy for abortion.

Paul Galvin, Lowell, MA
Dear Joe,

In this crazy world there are a few great heroes. You happen to be one of them! We pray each day for the unborn babies and people like you who give all of themselves for this cause. We’ll be praying for you during your court battle. God is on your side Joe. Be at peace. May God richly bless you, your wife and family.

Scott and Julie Hellem and Family, Elk River, MN

Dear Joe and Staff,

Thank you for your prayers that you said for me when I was ill. I appreciate your prayers very much. I want to thank you for your sincere and deep concern.

Mariceleste Ryan, Oak Lawn, IL
Hi Ann and Joe,

I really liked your article about Neal Horsley and judging women who get abortions. The media have a field day with those who shout condemnations and exhibit hateful behavior. And you’re right about the Pharisees. Self-righteousness and judgmentalism are really the things that Jesus “couldn’t handle”!

Tim Broderick, People for Life, Erie, PA
Dear Sir,

Cordial greetings from Shinyanga. I read your letter to Brother John Wohead of Shinyanga and was very much moved and shocked. I am a matron for the girls in a Diocesan Seconday School here in Shinyanga, and I know how bad it is to kill an innocent child. I have no money to send you, but I promise you my prayers and sacrifices. May God the loving Father bless your work and overcome the devil. The angels which you are saving are praying for you before the heavenly Father.

Sr. Maria Anthionita, Shinyanga, Tanzania

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Dear Joe,

Thank you for the latest information on your appeal. You and your lawyers are in my daily prayers. Since I have no funds, I requested my uncle for a donation and he generously gave $50. However, he is seriously in need of prayers, agewise and healthwise and also spiritually. Thank you for your commitment to the basic issue of life. Your ministry, courage and determination need to be imitated.

Sr. Mary Jo Yutt, Peoria, IL
Dear Joe,

We were with you last year on the tour through the Chicago area. It was an unforgettable experience and a great privilege. I wish we could have joined Fr. Pavone in New York. But I hope we’ll see you all again on one of these tours. Canada’s tours are scheduled for July and August 2003 and hopefully we can join other tours in between.

Jeanie Arcand, Surgeon Falls, Ontario
Hi Joe, Ann and all in your office,

God in His design takes care of us. I am grateful for His care of us widows. Through His Divine Providence I found someone to buy my 1985 Chevy van. So I am sharing a portion of it with you since you need it more than I do at this time.

In September I went to Wisconsin to be with my pro-life friends at the 10th anniversary banquet of Pro-Life Wisconsin. The new archbishop of Milwaukee spoke, Archbishop Timothy Dolan and gave a powerful voice in defense of the sanctity of life.

You are remembered in prayers here at the shrine of Our Lady of the Prairies in Powers Lake.

Roseanna Gevelinger, Powers Lake, ND
Dear Joe,

Our hearts go out to you in prayer and thought. One can’t imagine what you’ve had to bear for so long and I know God’s strength has carried you and your family through all of this difficult time.

Mary Gansen, Four Seasons for Life, Frederickburg, IA

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Dear Joe,

I am so blessed to have met you last year at the ALL conference in the Twin Cities. If I wouldn’t have been invited and inspired to join Will and Suzanne at the abortion mill, I wouldn’t have met you. I praise and thank God for all you have done for His Kingdom.

Yes, one lost soul, be it Fay or an abortionist, is so loved by God. That soul is a precious as the unborn child, as the mother, the father, as you, as me. God loves us so much.

You are a shining star for me and others. God’s grace has set you apart. You speak and work not only for unborn children and their mothers and fathers, but for all who live for life. Mother Teresa, small in stature, would not exalt herself, only God. You, tall in stature, do not use that for yourself, only to take more heat and more shots from evil, to protect the smallest ones from destruction. Thank you for that.

Mrs. Dennis Breunig, Middleton, WI
Dear Joe,

I am happy to hear of your progress in the right to life. Rest assured that I will help all I can. I am 83 years old and in adult foster and and have a very limited income. However you are in my daily prayers and I always look at the candidates’ pro-life stand when I vote. I hope there are others with greater resources than I who are determined to help financially. I hope and pray every day that victory will be ours as it affects every one of us. Keep up the good work.

Christine Sukowski, Wayland, MI
Dear Joe,

My prayers are with you every day in a decade of the Rosary, that you will win in Court. I will keep on praying. I wish I were able to send you a thousand times more than this check. I had a little blessing from God today, so I am enclosing a check to help at this time. I know God is with you. May your worries cease.

Agnes R. Kiefer, Grand Junction, CO

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Enclosed is a check to help with the court case. Don’t worry, Joe. The more they lie the stronger you get. Keep up the good work.

Jasper and Anastasia Bennett, E. Hampton, NY
Dear Joe,

If you ever have Holy Mass celebrated for any of your supporters, I pray that you will include Mrs. Dina Samonica, for it is her bequest to me that enables me to send you this donation to help finance your new and worthy youth outreach program. I believe you’ll use it well. I too realize that young people need guidance, information and a push to the right, moral direction.

Joan Shea, New York, NY

Editor’s note: We have Mass in our St. Joseph chapel twice a month, and we always pray for our supporters and their friends.


Congratulations on the superb progress you are making to save babies. I feel the Holy Spirit will touch the Supreme Court in your arguments against RICO.

Fr. Francis A. Novak, CSSR, Leguori, MO
Dear Joe,

My daughter Kristin’s government class had the assignment of each writing a bill which was to be presented to the class for a vote. My daughter’s bill was to eliminate abortion. She had some very good arguments with information we got from a friend who is very involved in pro-life. Kristin’s bill was the only one voted down by the class. Kristin was able to earn points by discussing her bill with students outside class and get them to see things her way, so she was able to earn extra points and still get an A for the project.

She was surprised that the class voted her bill down, but not everyone was for abortion. There were one or two students whom the rest followed. They were the loudest. The rest just weren’t bold enough and committed enough to life to stand up for what is right. It was an eye opener for Kristin, but she is still very pro-life and I’m looking forward to her doing even more pro-life things in college at Bradley University.

Harriet Bergquist, Oak Forest, IL

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scheidler

I have a little surprise for you! The eight sisters in the area here at our motherhouse with whom I live all chipped in their little bit with me to help you out. It is not much, but we all made a “vow of poverty” a long time ago, so we don’t have much. I’m praying for your cause every day—an end to abortion! May God give it to us soon! I hope all things are going well with you two heroic people and that the NOW horror will soon be over.

Your cousin, Sister Lawrence Ann, is a lovely person. She does a lot of kind things for our elderly sisters here. God has been very good to me and blessed me with good health. May He bless you a thousandfold for what you are doing for His precious babies.

Sr. Evelyn Marie, Elwell, SC
Dear Joe,

My friends and I would be interested in joining you on the streets in Ft. Wayne with the abortion pictures. We go to pray once a month for closing of the abortion mill. There are many pioneer warriors there each Thursday to pray. We met one of the women who had worked there and now has come to the pro-life side. She lectures all over the country. We thanked her for becoming pro-life—a beautiful person.

Jane Kunk, Portland, IN

I wore the “Face the Truth” T-shirt to the Archbishop Dolan Mass at St. Richard’s to see what kind of reaction I would get. A friend complimented me on the shirt and wondered where he could get one. I told him I would send him one, hoping you would. I also wrote a note to Archbishop Dolan to enliven the pro-life cause saying I would help in any way I could. God bless you and yours.

Bill McIlvaine, Racine, WI

Editor’s note: We sent Bill’s friend a red “Face the Truth” shirt.

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