Father and Daughter Make a Difference in Alexandria

Fr. Skyler, Dr. Landreneau, Joe and Annie Scheidler

Fr. Lius Sklar, Annie Scheidler, Joe Scheidler and Dr. Joe Landreneau at St. Rita Parish

My dad and I were invited to Alexandria, LA, November 17-19 to give ten talks and do a radio show. On Monday morning, November 18, we addressed 600 students from Holy Savior Menard Catholic High School.

Dad reviewed the history of abortion and its contradiction of the Hippocratic Oath. He noted that our country was founded on the basic right to life for all.

I concluded the morning talk with a graphic description of how abortions are done, why and how women have them, the physical and emotional repercussions and the beauty of God’s forgiveness.

We returned that afternoon to address four individual classes. At these classes, we talked about ways students could get active and help change hearts and minds to bring about a Culture of Life. We answered questions and asked students to sign up for the pro-life club.

Later that afternoon, dad and I headed to Maria Radio for an hour long interview with Diane Whaley. At St. Rita parish that evening we addressed another pro-life talk to a group of pro-life adults. Dad spoke about activism and showed our video, Face the Truth, which encouraged them to plan a Truth Tour for this spring!

I told them how I got involved in the pro-life movement and why it is essential to reach out to young people. I encouraged them to support and pray for young people.

The next morning we spoke to four additional classes at Holy Savior Menard. After every class students had an opportunity to sign up for the pro-life club. More than 100 students signed up.

That afternoon we headed home to Chicago knowing that we had impacted hundreds of people in the course of two short days. The students were excited and the adults were energized. Who knows how many others we reached via the radio. That’s what activism is all about—encouraging others to make a difference in the world they live in. I believe we made a difference in Alexandria.

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