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Baby Saved at 40 Days for Life Kickoff in Aurora, IL

Posted by Matt Yonke (February 11, 2013 at 12:31 pm)

On Saturday, February 9, I was pleased to join a group of nearly 70 pro-lifers to kick off the Spring 40 Days for Life campaign in Aurora, Illinois outside the Planned Parenthood mega-center.

I had worked with Karen and Kathleen from Holy Cross parish in Batavia, Illinois as they discerned whether or not taking on the campaign was the right thing for them to do, so it was extra special to be able to address the crowd as the effort kicked off.

Before the Rally even started, God gave an incredible blessing. A couple stopped on their way out of the Planned Parenthood and told our sidewalk counselors that they had decided not to go through with the abortion. Though the 40 Days Campaign hadn’t even started yet, God was already doing wondrous things!

Karen and Kathleen opened the Rally and Deacon Jim Newhouse of Ss. Peter and Paul parish in Virgil, Illinois gave an opening prayer. Next came a wonderful pro-life song from Catholic singer-songwriter Karl Miles called “Where are the Warriors?”, which you can listen to above.

Sheryl Finn from one of our local pro-life pregnancy resource centers filled the crowd in on their important, life-saving work.

Next it was my honor to address the crowd and tell them about opportunities to live out their pro-life commitment after the 40 Days for Life campaign is over in the ongoing prayer and counseling presence organized by the League and Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood.

Lauren Muzyka of the 40 Days for Life National team fired the crowd up with some great numbers about the concrete results 40 Days campaigns have had worldwide and she introduced Ramona Trevino, a former Planned Parenthood employee from Texas who was brought out of the movement with the help of 40 Days for Life.

Finally, after a couple more songs from Karl Miles, Deacon Larry Motyka of Holy Cross Church in Batavia, Illinois gave some closing scriptural reflections on life and a closing prayer.

The weather was on the chilly side, to be sure, and I could see the crowd visibly shivering through much of the Rally, but at the end I was amazed at how happy everyone had been to have put their pro-life commitment into action that morning. I look forward to seeing what more good fruit God will bring out of this vital prayer campaign in our community and around the world.

Sign up to be part of the campaign in Aurora right here or find locations nationwide right here.

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