Share your video tribute to Joe Scheidler

Thank you for sharing your video tribute to Joe Scheidler, the “Godfather of the Pro-Life Movement,” who passed away on January 18. Your video will be used in conjunction with the Tribute to Joe Scheidler’s Life and Legacy webcast on February 3, 2021.

Use this form to upload your one-minute video, using the following guidelines:

1. Decide what you’re going to talk about.

We’re expecting a high volume of submissions for this webcast tribute to Joe Scheidler, so your video can be no longer than one minute. It will be helpful to decide what you’d like to focus on.

For example, you may wish to focus on one of the following:

  • A funny or heartwarming story about a time you shared with Joe.
  • How Joe’s words or example inspired you get involved in pro-life work, or to deepen your involvement.
  • A time you were impacted by Joe Scheidler’s deep Christian faith.
  • How Joe’s Pro-Life Action League empowered your pro-life outreach.
  • A time when Joe personally encouraged you, whether in the pro-life arena, or in another area of your life.

2. Make sure you’ve got enough light.

Without enough light, your face won’t be visible. Make sure there is more light in front of you than behind you. Natural light, such as from a window or outdoors, is especially good.

3. Shoot horizontal video.

Turn your smartphone sideways as shown below. This is known as “horizontal” or “landscape” video, which is much more pleasant to view than “vertical” or “portrait” video.

4. Review your video and re-record if necessary.

After recording your tribute to Joe Scheidler, take a moment to review it before uploading. Make sure that you can be clearly seen, that your voice can be clearly heard, and that your video is one minute or less.

If you’re not satisfied with your video or audio quality, or your video is longer than one minute, re-record it, and review again—just like Joe would do with his famous “Hotline” messages.

5. Upload your tribute video.

When your tribute video is ready, upload it for the Tribute to Joe Scheidler webcast using the link below. Please upload your video by noon on Monday, February 1: