“Face the Truth” Tour Kicks Off July 10


This Friday, July 10, the Pro-Life Action League kicks off our 16th annual “Face the Truth” Tour across northeastern Illinois….

Face the Truth

15th Annual “Face the Truth” Tour Exposes Abortion, Spreads Help and Healing


On July 11, 2014, the Pro-Life Action League set out on our 15th annual “Face the Truth” Tour, bringing images…

Face the Truth

What To Say When People Object to Graphic Abortion Signs


Face the Truth Tour in Evanston, Illinois During the League’s Face the Truth Tour yesterday in Evanston, Illinois, I took…

Pro-Life Activism

Chicago’s N.W. Suburbs Face the Truth


Picture-perfect weather provided ideal conditions for the 40 pro-life activists who took part in the Pro-Life Action League’s Face the…

Face the Truth

Kathleen Parker’s Schizophrenic Syndicated Column


You know how sometimes you read something, then you have to read it again, and then yet again before you…


Those Horrible Pictures


It happened again this week. Someone pulled up to a small group of pro-lifers who were holding signs along a…

Clinic Witness