Compassionate Pro-Lifers Save Babies in Chicago and Aurora


Students from Christian Liberty Academy reaching out to clients at the Planned Parenthood facility in Aurora [Photo by Eric Scheidler]…

Clinic Witness

Dynamic Protest at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois


The massive Planned Parenthood abortuary in Aurora, Illinois, was the scene of a dynamic, multi-faceted protest Saturday morning. It was…

Clinic Witness

Candlelight Vigil Marks “Abortion Fortress” 3rd Anniversary


Candlelight Vigil at Planned Parenthood Aurora, Oct 1 [Photo by Sam Scheidler] On Friday, October 1st, 60 pro-lifers gathered in…

Clinic Witness

Why Do They Tell Us When They Choose Life?


Pro-lifers stand witness in the vacant lot across from Planned Parenthood Aurora Late yesterday morning, while I was out at…

Clinic Witness

Fox Valley Pro-Lifers Show Their Stuff


The pro-life community of Illinois’ Fox Valley showed what it’s made of this past Saturday during the monthly protest at…

Planned Parenthood

What To Make of League Foe Steve Trombley’s New Job?


Steve Trombley at Chicago City Hall in October 2009 [Photo by Matt Yonke] Steve Trombley has a new job. The…

Planned Parenthood

Wintery First Day of Spring Heightens Pro-Life Witness


Eric Scheidler heads up the picket line in Aurora Mar 20 [Photo by Sam Scheidler] The first day of spring…

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