Planned Parenthood Demands Parental Notification in Poster Contest

For years Planned Parenthood has fought parental notification laws that would require minor girls to notify their parents before having…

Planned Parenthood

Young Scheidlers Join League Staff

Annie Scheidler A new generation of pro-life activism has been tapped with the addition of two of Joe and Ann’s…

League News

Lake Michigan Cruise Honors Joe Scheidler

Mary Ann Hackett, Joe Scheidler and Paul Caprio aboard the Evening Star On August 6, Joe was honored with a…

League News

Joe Receives Stand Up for Life Award in Philadelphia

Joe addresses the annual Stand Up for Life awards dinner On Sunday November 24, Joe Scheidler spoke at the annual…

League News

Choose Life License Plate Campaign Comes to Illinois

An ad hoc committee of representatives from crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies, along with adoptive families and other concerned…

Pro-Life Activism

New Illinois Attorney General Targets Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Illinois crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are bracing for an attack by newly elected Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. During her…

Law and Politics

James Kopp Insults the Pro-Life Movement

When I first heard Jim Kopp’s name linked to the shooting of Barnett Slepian, my immediate response was, “Not possible.”…

The Culture War

“Generations for Life” To Mobilize Teen Activism

The League plans to mobilize a new generation of pro-life activists by launching Generations for Life, a new youth outreach…

Youth Outreach

Priests for Life Gives Face the Truth a Trial Run in New York

Fr. Frank Pavone and Joe Scheidler outside Priests for Life Headquarters Since Pastor Matt Trewhella launched his first Truth Tour…

Face the Truth

National Director Warns Ulster Activists: “Keep Abortion out of Ireland”

Defenders of life in Northern Ireland received a much-needed boost when National Director Scheidler and other U.S. pro-life leaders visited…

Law and Politics

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Scheidler Appeal

Scheidler takes reporters’ questions on the Court steps after the hearing [Photo by Martin Lueders] “All rise! The Honorable the…

Law and Politics

Director on the Road

The Supreme Court on December 4 heard oral arguments in my appeal of the RICO judgement in NOW v. Scheidler….

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